Undercover Slut Live @ The Underworld, London (UK) - 19th November 2005

Icy weather for this first show in London. Once we reached the venue and the perfect place for our propaganda, we started handing our flyers out around Camden High Street. At 5 pm, we made our way to the pub and then waited for the doors to open. A few people were already there, but most of the audience arrived little by little until 8pm. A drawback for Undercover Slut who invaded the stage at 7 o'clock faced with an absolutely non-receptive public. However, 'O' was not flustered at all and operated his show as if he was singing in front of a whole stadium! As for me, it suited me perfectly, what with there being no excited groupies, and 'O' consequently being closer than usual to us.

Water showers apparently weren't enough to wake us, so 'O' didn't hesitate to come down (twice) to sing among the audience, for the sake of remedying the general passivity. A successful try because we immediately felt more involved and started moving. As for the music, the band was only allowed to play 30 minutes; the set-list is, as a matter, reduced to 8 songs. It was very chaotic on stage; the singing was quite aleatory (too strong at the beginning and finally totally lost in the guitars at the end of the set). '96' stumbled over his effect pedals and then unplugged the jacks during 'Jim Jones...'. As a result, no bass guitar on half of the song.

All in all, I really appreciated the gig, especially the 'private show ambiance'... and, as usual, a great ending with 'Black + White Riot'.

by Lipstyxxx

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