Tyla/Johnny Trashed Live @ Tom's Bar, Pontypridd (UK) - 19th October 2007

Try and picture this is you will. Three mates, in a car en route to see one of their long standing song writing heroes on a frosty Friday night in October.
Inside the car the three are grinning like the proverbial Cheshire's, whilst the sound of "Soho Roses" blasting from the stereo has given the trio soar throats all round before the night had even started.

Anyone would think we were off to see a reformed "Madam X" not an acoustic gig from the king of melancholy long-time Dogs D'Amour frontman "Tyla".

Perhaps it was the £6 entry fee, or the fact that fucking "TYLA" is actually playing a town more readily known locally for being a "Graveyard of Empty Craniums", we just couldn't feel down at heel tonight, no way.

Well, that was until we finally found the venue, unlike "Tyla". The gig in all its premature glory was fast fading into the night's ice-cold air.

Then at around 9:30 when we were all looking at an early night and a mighty meaty lamb Donner for the way home, "Tyla" pops up just like Zebedee (only one from the Midlands), and the evening finally got underway.

Support for the night, Hengoed's "Johnny Trashed" is a Johnny Cash tribute band. They play "Johnny Cash" music while wearing "Johnny Cash" clothes. The crowd (including Tyla) seemed to love them, I prefer "Johnny Crash". Enough said.

By the time a solo "Tyla" ambled into the 2 prison camp spotlights and started to strum out the opening bars to "What's Happening Here" the night was already over for most of the crowd, most of them intoxicated beyond belief.
An ideal Dogs crowd you might think, but as "Billy Two Rivers" heralded the first singing from the throng at stage front you couldn't help but notice that the rest of the largely casual crowd was either arguing or laughing loud enough to be a constant distraction to what was really happening here.
"Tyla", ever the professional simply ploughed headlong into his wealthy back catalogue throwing hits like "Satellite Kid", "I Don't Want You To Go" and "How Come It Never Rains" amongst firm fan faves like "Drunk Like Me" and "Empty World".
"When Bastards Go to Hell" and lone new track "The Lash" also sounded tight and compact with a single malt rasp of a delivery from the man in Rupert Bear's trousers.

Then, after a little over 50 minutes of total quality, it was suddenly all over. Most of the crowd having seemingly already departed, most probably seeking that elusive Donner I had set my sights on a little earlier.

The almost non-arrival, the cut short set and a really dodgy diatribe about smoking being rebellious, still couldn't stop this from being a top night out with the Wolverhampton Wanderer.

I would strongly urge anyone even half curious; to get along to what is left of this solo tour. Especially the recently added Halloween show at the100 Club, as support to "The Lords Of The New Church".

by Johnny H.

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