Twisted Sister

The Kids Are Back!

You can' stop Rock n roll, the kids are is back! I guess the bad boys of Rock n roll never grow up. Twisted Sister left the business in 1987 as fallen stars. They were generally considered as clowns by the musicpress which seldom looks further than the current toplist. The last couple ofyears, the wind of change has once again turned the ship around and the twisted sisters stock have risen as a rocket. Plenty of today's bands grew up (or more correctly, NEVER grew up) to Twisted Sister and hail them as influences. Two of L.A.'s hottest bands - The Mistakes and Foxy Roxx - are both covering "We're Not Gonna Take It" on their forthcoming albums. The fire still burn...

The Band started out as a poor man's New York Dolls in the mid- seventies, Dee Snider joined a couple of years later and Twisted Sister as we know them, took form. Due to a large following, Twisted Sister got a deal with Secret on which "Under the Blade" was released. Bad luck struck the band as Secret was disintegrating and left them once again labeless. After some serious struggling, the sisters appeared at the English rockshow The Tube, in what many considered as their last chance. The Band put up a stunning performance which earned them a deal with Atlantic Records. The Following album - "You Can't Stop Rock n Roll" - became gold in U.S.A. and Canada.

A year later, Twisted Sister released an album that turned out to be the brightest moment of their over-the-top career. "Stay Hungry" was tripleplatinum in the states, sextuple platinum in Canada, platinum in Australia and new Zealand and gold in Mexico, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Their videos for "I Wanna Rock" and "We're Not Gonna Take it" was innovative and change the structure of the then musicvideos. Twisted Sister had the world in their hands but somehow they got it on their shoulders. The Follow-up "Come Out and Play" was a major disappointment and releasing "Leader of the Pack" as the first single turned out to be a major mistake. The Sisters called it a day three years later, after releasing another impressive but forgotten album - "Love is for Suckers".

Ten Years later, Twisted Sister has reformed for a limited number of appearances in the summer of 1999. Twisted Sister in the year of 1999 will feature all members from the classic line-up, in full costume and make-up. Yeah, dust off those great outfits! Turn the Power up, I've waited so long so I could hear my favorite song so let's goooo!!

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