Stevie Rachelle (Tuff)/The Deadthings Live @ The Epsy, Melbourne (Aus) - 24th February 2007

In a move that could have only been conceived through a dart being thrown randomly at a map of the world, Stevie Rachelle announced late last year that he would be dragging his TUFF show to Australia for the first time. Billed as the 'Metal Sludge X-travaganza' tour, this would be a rare opportunity for local glam fans, long starved of international acts, to finally see one of the mainstays of the scene as TUFF teamed up with Australian glamsters The Deadthings for two shows only.

As local hairspray sales peaked to their highest levels since1989, around 250 long haired rockers decked out in leather, lace and everything 80's converged on the Espy early in anticipation of seeing local heroes The Deadthings open the show. Emerging from the gloomy backstage darkness, Julez and the boys brought their corpses to life in a glorious fusion of gruesome glam and melodic mayhem as only they know how. The explosive opener 'Dead Girlz Don't Say No' was followed quickly by the gang-vocal drenched 'Kill For Thrills' and the crowd favourite 'I Hate You'.

The morbid balled 'Cemetery Mary' provided the set's only slower moment on a night that also doubled as the launch of the bands new CD single of the same name. The remainder of the night sounded more accustomed to the desires of a corpse bride with the band serving up…
Something old - Welcome To the Horror Show
Something new - Murder City
Something borrowed - Smash Alley (Faster Pussycat)
& something blue - Down Boys (Warrant)

Having pursued a relentless touring schedule over the past couple of years, including recent US support slots with Pretty Boy Floyd and LA Guns, The Deadthings have now turned their stage show into a craft. They are the unrivalled masters of what they do. No longer the new kids on the block… The Deadthings have well and truly entrenched themselves as Australia's No.1 glam metal band!

A short break between acts saw fans rocking out to classic metal videos on a big screen, revving the crowd in readiness for the main event. Before long Stevie took to the stage in a hail of hard rock hits drawn from a bygone era. 'God Bless This Mess' was closely followed by 'Spit Like This' as the clock was wound back even further. Stevie may have replaced the hairspray, make up and spandex with all-black and a backwards hat, but the crowd still lapped up glam anthems like 'Ruck a Pit Bridge' and the MTV hit 'I Hate Kissing You Goodbye', before 'So Many Seasons' blew the roof off the place. This is what the crowd were here to see, and in an era where 80's rockstars score more headlines for their egotistical tantrums and alcohol induced misdemeanours (please raise your hands Axl, Sebastian, Jani and Vince) it was re-assuring to see an artist carry their performance with such perfection and professionalism as Stevie did. Chatting and joking his way through the set, Stevie gave high praise for his touring band consisting of Sycth and Trash from The Deadthings and new Teargas skinsman Luch.

Jumping from album to album, the band took us on a whirlwind tour through time with 'Good Guys Wear Black' going back-to-back with 'Tied To The Bells', before the 2001 anthem 'American Hair Band' had the crowd punching the air in euphoric jubilation. As if that wasn't enough, the night was topped off with a jam session with Stevie and Julez sharing the vocal duties with performances of the Crue's 'Live Wire' and Poison's 'Talk Dirty To Me'. Even before song's end Stevie was off the stage and in the front row with the sweaty masses showing his appreciation, transforming the night from a regular gig, to a huge party and celebration of everything glam.

Eventually making his way to the rear of the venue, Stevie happily hung around not only signing autographs and posing for photos, but simultaneously restoring everyone's faith in the glamorous side of rock.

The Deadthings
Dead Girlz Don't Say No / Kill For Thrills / I Hate You / Cemetery Mary / Trick or Treat (Fastaway) / Holly Would / Murder City / Welcome To The Horror Show / Deal With The Devil / Smash Alley (Faster Pussycat) / Down Boys (Warrant).

God Bless This Mess / Spit Like This / Ruck A Pit Bridge / In Dogs We Trust / So Many Seasons / I Hate Kissing You Goodbye / Dead Jail Rock n Roll (Michael Monroe) / Good Guys Wear Black / Tied To The Bells / All New Generation / American Hair Band / Live Wire (Motley Crue) / Talk Dirty To Me (Poison).

by Lindsay B.

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