Trashstock Festival @ Junktion 7, Nottingham (UK) - 18 & 19 August 2006

The war has begun. To all you poor people who dared to prefer the outdoor Fest this summer then the following may upset you some. You had mud, we had hard clean floors. You had festering bogs and we had nice fresh smelling toilets. You had overpriced lager and we had cheap doubles. Finally you had rain, we had shelter! Ha you fools it's too late, it's over! Better luck next year…..

It's a cold rainy night, as a typical English summer should be, but deep in the heart of Nottingham, shimmers the warm blue glow of Junction 7. The Junction has become host to a wonderful accumulation of musical talent and pvc for the Trashstock festival, a fury of rock n roll, glam, sleaze and goth for the second year running, 2005 being such a successful one day event that promoter Jaimz Riot extended to the weekend adding extra bands, and once again he is well deserving of that smug look!

The childlike appearance of newly acquired 'Snakeskin' vocalist Richard Wilkinson completely throws you off course when the guy opens his mouth. Many faces had the same expression 'where the xxxx did that come from?' Something like being hit in the eye with a brick, 'Snakeskin' rock like fuck! With a setlist of original and instantly infectious songs, there's a hint of Zodiac Mindwarp and at many times Rich's vocals are reminiscent of Phil Lewis from the mighty LA Guns. Adding a fantastic ballad to the set, 'The One' truly shows off the talent of vocals, musicians and some excellent lyrics. There's not one still body in the building.

You can't have failed to of heard Drugdealer Cheerleader over the last couple of years. With constant touring and support to some well known bands worldwide, they are deserving of the hype that surrounds them. Never has there been such a charismatic cluster. On stage and off, six well contrasted but individual personalities, creating an amazing fire of rock n roll passion and glamour and contagious musical stimulation. They definitely need to tie and gag and not let go of borrowed guitarist Ritchie Hudson (Kitty Hudson vocalist and founder) who's their own mini Oz (Gunfire's) adding lashings of extra glitz and oomph. There's no reason to comment on talent cos these guys have it by the bucketful, the only thing they need is more people like us listening to them! New single 'I don't wanna go to school' is a fabulously catching glam styled anthem, which will be released in stores on September the 18th people, so go get it!

Patchwork Grace stomp onto the stage with a 'don't mess with me' attitude and continue to rip the air apart with the ferocious unholy vocals from the splendorous Tori Trash and Co. Similar on stage antics and appearance to the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' but hey there's none of that annoying screeching and this girl can actually hold a tune, making you wonder who came first?! The band put on a fierce stage onslaught with rampant guitar playing from Crip, mind boggling lyrics and anarchic attitude.

Friday night's headliners are the wacky and wild punk rock psychobilly combo that is 'Devilish Presley'. It's strange but the name totally fits the image. Visually the two replicate the would be demon abortion of Patricia Morrison and Marc Almond. There's also this excellent on stage relationship and you soon see this extends to the music.

'Does anyone here have our single? Well if you don't buy it then were gonna lock you in here until you buy one - HAMMER HORROR GLAMOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you truly believe they would too, Johnny Navarro provides a more than decent share of the vocals along with thrashing guitars and of course the bands programming. Alongside this he is actually quite amusing and provides his captive audience with some very welcome banter. His partner in crime is the stunningly attractive Jacqui Dixon providing dual vocals and captive bass player. Devilish Presley are The Cramps of today, with a bewitching sting of the Horrorpops. It's hard to believe that two people could encapsulate and entrance so easily. Great fun and extremely compelling.


Well it's still raining outside but it's hot and steamy in. For those of you who have never been in the Junction before, there's a Café style bar downstairs with a great DJ, and plenty of guest DJs, while upstairs is somewhat crypt like in the sense that it's dark and contained. About the same size as disco II in Rock City, ensuring close proximity to the bands. It's fabulous that they have some amazing bands play and you get to feel part of the gig rather than a step away if you see what I mean. Shall I shut up and get on with the review?

First up tonight are Stoke based band 'Headrush', great name, question is can they live up to it? If previous reviews are anything to go by then yes will be the reply. Frontman Andy Law has movie star looks and an innocent smile but his voice tells a far different tale, with the most powerful and drawing vocals you may have heard since the slowing demise of 80's power rock. This band play true rock music, a pure and from the heart winning formula, and one that clearly everyone in the room loves. You instantly hear the influences, AC/DC, Motley Crue and a real sense that Skid Row are sitting backstage. It's hard to tell the difference between Seb Bach and Andy's vocals at points and it really does take you back. Reminiscing is a great thing, but no longer needed now that these guys are on the prowl. Infectious riffs, powerful vocals and the ability to rock any venue. Nuff said!

Tonight 'Zen Motel' are wild and untamed and playing as if their lives depended on it. They appear unstoppable as they blast through tonight's set with a sound somewhere between the sleazy rock of The Wildhearts and the fast contagious stance of Warrior Soul. Crowd favourite 'Rocket 69' is delivered with style and confidence proving the Essex trio are in their prime.

I'm loving wild boys 'Disarm', with a great reputation already, destined to be glorious, and appear to simply live and breathe the music they play. It seems to come so easy as the whole band delve heart and soul into providing us with fast ass kicking rock n roll with sleazy riffs and furious pounding drums. Comparable to Backyard Babies and possibly Buckcherry, some tracks leaning towards a harder more punk styled sound. Entirely capable of holding the audience, with an already obvious following. Catch 22 again, you so want to see them make it big but you don't wanna loose the intimacy of the smaller venue and give in to artic stadiums! It would be immoral to hold this band down.

Sexy sirens 'Maeven' are the female equivalent to The Sex Pistols. Same ballsy swagger, no mercy attitude just a lot better looking. In fact I'd go as far as to say that the guys will love them and the girls will want to love them. Girl rock bands often get given a hard time, constantly having to prove themselves but just one song in and you realise there's absolutely no piss to be taken and you would not actually dare to try. Each of the five females do their instrument justice, the vocals don't give up with the seductive punk tones of front women Becca Towling. If you like your rock n roll hard fast and beautiful then this is where it's at.

Although tonight's headliners should have been The Glitterati (withdrew due to unforeseen circumstances), Birmingham's 'The High Society' do a bloody good job of stepping into their shoes. There's extreme glamour surrounding front man (ex King Adora vocalist) Maxi Browne, shades fixed in place and dark tresses backcombed effectively. You do stop and wonder what exactly you're going to get here. Maxi's voice is amazingly similar to the tempting drawl of Velvet Revolvers Scott Weiland oozing confidence and capable of adapting to any style. That's exactly what you get. The lyrics speak of sex, bondage, vampires to name a few, various styles and themes and all weirdly believable! Their music is potent and dangerously addictive. Possible say like the effect Guns n Roses had when they first appeared on the scene. A sound and look people loved but couldn't describe music to die for, dance to and to get down and dirty for! Love it! Here's to Trash Stock 2007.

by Sharron Grainger