Tattooed Millionaires/Peep Show Live @ Nice n' Sleazy, Glasgow (UK) - 12th December 2006

Peep show are a young energetic five piece sleaze/glam outfit from Edinburgh who've already had a favourable review for their 5 track demo on Glitzine. I stumbled across these guys on Myspace a bit before that and they've become one of my hotly tipped bands for bigger things, so when the invite came for a chance to see them supporting Tattooed Millionaires, I was more than happy to see if they could perform just as well live because their demo really kicks ass.

I have to admit I wasn't disappointed, the small Glasgow crowd really got behind the guys and having given this alot of play lately, I knew most of the set, including my personal favourites, the self titled 'Peep Show' and 'Nice Night to Die', which really reminded me of early Faster Pussycat and speaking of the latter, the boys managed to get in a cover of 'Bathroom Wall'. Good to see the band giving out free CDs at the gig too - nice touch, a lot more acts should follow suit.

So where do Peep Show go from here, that's the big question. With their image and style they should be right up there in any glam fan's book but being based in Edinburgh probably doesn't do them any major favours, however music is so global nowadays with the likes of Myspace and the internet that anything is possible and I really do hope they land some sort of deal because they deserve it, not just in terms of being accomplished musicians but also because their songs are really great and just ooze sleaze.

Peep Show have some other UK dates coming up from Aberdeen to London so there's not really an excuse for not getting out there to see them and maybe with some help they can land another few support slots or maybe an entire tour with another act and get some much needed exposure. Peep Show have the potential and ability to take this to the next level and become one of the bands of the moment - keep it up guys.

Headlining the evening were Hollywood's very own Tattooed Millionaires. Unbeknown to me when I got into the venue we'd sat down at the merchandising table and if the truth be known, we could probably have sold quite a bit of shit for the boys but that's another story.

Vocalist Johnny Jetson just came over and introduced himself - maybe he thought we were gonna run off with all the merch but I managed to get a good insight of what the music scene is all about to him, quite a philosopher Johnny! After Dumfries band Crystal Kicks had finished their set (sorry guys but I was kinda busy at the bar during your set - maybe next time), Tattooed Millionaires took to the stage opening up with 'Hong Kong Blonde'.

You'd never know that guitarist Roxy was relatively new to the band, he shredded like he had been doing this for a long time even if he is only 19 years old (and he looks it) but I think the women kinda like him. At the back was Justin who kept the whole thing tight and eventually obliged an audience heckler with some off the cuff solo drumming.

Johnny Jetson is just a real performer and he can play bass too, he loves the crowd and they love him, and I can't see anything for Tattooed Millionaires apart from continued success, great guys and great music even managing to squeeze in a cover of '20th Century Boy' towards the end. I look forward to seeing you guys again and even if the crowd was small, kudos to you for spreading your word and for a fuckin' great performance.

by Grant W.

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