The Night Marchers/The Computers - Live @ Bristol Coolers, UK 22nd October 2008

If one thing has become evident to me during 2008, it is that nearly all the truly great albums of the year have been on smaller labels this time around. From "The Dirtbombs" to "The Solution" from "The Loyalties" to "The Night Marchers" they all ply their collective trades out of transit vans on zero money, but with the maximum of rock n roll integrity.

So, San Diego's "The Night Marchers" absolutely fantastic debut album "See You In Magic" seems to have done just enough to three quarters fill the rather spiffing Coolers club when just down the road a group of old men are playing Stranglers covers, (what do you mean that is the Stranglers?)
Then again it always helps get your career off the ground when your band already boasts a semi legendary member within its ranks. And in "The Might Marchers" they have the ace (of spades) up their sleeves that John "Speedo" Reiss (ex Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes etc) is at the controls acting as master of ceremonies for those with an educated rock n roll mind.

Opening the night and tagged very late on the coattails of this first full UK tour for "The Night Marchers" are Exeter noise-pop merchants "The Computers". The four-piece certainly fit in perfectly with the soundtrack of the evening, all garage punk tunes delivered tighter than a Canary Wharf wallet right now. Watch out for them in 2009.

Something I never thought I'd ever hear myself say was "Speedo looks nervous", but sure enough, "John Reiss" is milling around the crowd mumbling to himself prior to the nights main event looking a mere shadow of the scary gang leading muthafucker he once was. But fear not, once that white-hot heat of the centre spot hits him full on in the face, the man is possessed. Transformed once more into the lip curled king of punk rock and that caustic wit that endeared him to so many audiences is back in abundance and Bristol is once again humbled by the man's true genius.

"I Wanna Deadbeat You" and the bands lead track "In Dead Sleep" stomp out the bump and grind rhythms that make "See You In Magic" such an essential listen and are probably Reiss' most immediate stuff since the grossly overlooked "Sultans" albums.
"And I Keep Holding On" and "You've Got Nerve" meanwhile fall someway between "Hot Snakes" and "RFTC" keeping everyone happy, including the "Speedster" himself who is dripping sweat and beaming from ear to ear. Nerves seemingly lost in the melee of great tunes delivered by this fine set of musicians.

Taking time out to speak with the band later, they hinted they would be back in Europe around March 2009. I would implore every Glitziners who likes their punk rock n roll 4 real to get "See You In Magic" on their Xmas lists right now and lets make the next "Night Marchers" tour the sell out is deserves to be.

"Night Marchers" deserve your support brothers and sisters.

Now let me hear you say "Hell Yeah"

by Johnny H.

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