The Glitterati/Disarm/Love and Bullets/Crystal Kicks Live @ Junktion 7, Nottingham (UK) - 17th November 2006

You will certainly never be able to accuse Scottish band Crystal Kicks of only being in this business for the sex and money, although raging front man Dave Angel has buckets full of sex appeal. The amount of effort and enthusiasm oozing from every pore of every guy onstage is impressive. Tonight's younger than usual crowd don't seem taken aback by the extremely talented vaguely unknown punk Scots. In fact there's not a sad face in the room, and that's hardly surprising, there's no stopping and no flaws with CK's barrage of hard rocking with a sound more polished than the Sex Pistols but heavier than Motley Crue.

The excitement eventually gets to the wild vocalist and he forgets the name of their new single, they tumble head first into 'You said you loved me', clearly a song that's been rehearsed to perfection.
Front man Lakis for Love and Bullets explains that they have only been together six months but it's clear that everyone up there has previous stage experience. There's an air of familiarity to their image and each band member has their own sleek glam individuality and style, although it's easy to hear that the influences lie a lot heavier than just straightforward glam rock. Each song contains a strong guitar led sound, guitarist Stevie giving it his all, thus said, all musicians playing it to the death while vocalist Lakis would be bouncing off the walls if there was space, to get to them!

'Disarm' take to the stage once again amidst constant chanting from the crowd, it's clear they are becoming favourite familiar faces at The Junction. These guys always guarantee a good gig, and blast through some of their best songs 'Getaway' and 'Greaseproof', to a wild audience singing every word. Brad provides some sleazy vocals while playing his guitar like a sex toy, fast hard and very very dirty.

By the time The Glitterati appear, its apparent that unless they have complete equipment meltdown there's no way they can possibly faze this contented crowd. I was enthused to see how Paul Gautrey would behave on a stage this size when just over a year ago they wowed thousands at the Download festival. There's nothing to worry about because he can clearly still pull off the rock star ambience. Ok, so he can't strut his stuff so well but he captivates with his perfect tiny frame and sexy vocals. Jumping straight into 'Betterman' the walls leave the roof as everyone in the room is completely drawn in to what's happening onstage. Songs off their awaited new album 'I was the one', 'Nobody fucks me up like you' are perfectly placed, there's no lull and the rocknroll sleaze is passionate and constant, proving that the next album should be just as good as the last. Vocalist Paul Gautrey makes a decidedly untactful comment regarding their absence at the Junctions Trashstock festival in August this year. 'We found ourselves lying on a beach somewhere in America', joking aside this might not deter the two rows of over 14s who cant believe their luck at being let out for the night, but for the dedicated grown up fans this might of just been a tad insulting.

Continuing the raunchiness, we're treated to several debut album tracks 'Do you love yourself', 'Back in Power', and the intoxicating, 'Here comes the close up'. Ironically they don't find time to play 'Keep me up all night', in fact they only seem to have time to be kept up long enough to play 8 or 9 songs, with a firm 'NO' to the request for an encore. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was disappointed with this decision, and there is no way they wouldn't have got the appreciation they deserved from their audience if they had of played a few songs more. There's no way you could ever have too much of The Glitterati, and were still thinking about you boys, but hey, don't let anyone ever tell you that less is more.

by Sharron Grainger

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