The Ga*Ga*s Live @ Mister Smiths (UK)

At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking The GA*GA*S were one more Ramonesesque cover band, with front man Tommy dressed in sleazy punk leather and 80's oversized glasses, but The GA*GA*S are anything but. After touring heavily for the last year the band have crafted their own style and are anything but wannabes, as this small gig proved.

As they begin their storming 45-minute set at the small, but intimate venue of Mister Smiths, the smell of smoke and beer fills the room with the typical atmosphere of a true rock and roll show. They begin with the brilliant 'Sex', whilst hammering out solos, riffs and vocals left right and centre. The GA*GA*S hit you from the off and immediately get everyones attention. Who is this band? Why haven't I heard from them sooner, the crowd collectively ponders. With driving riffs, heavy beats and unmistakable vocals, you can't help but be enthralled by The GA*GA*S unexplainable stage presence. This may be due largely to the stage antics of front man Tommy, throwing himself around at every opportunity, flicking his dark locks, whilst striking poses with his six string. Mid way the band come out with latest single 'Replica', a track sure to bring them into the light they deserve. Soaring solos fill the packed venue with pounding beats rising from a mega Mesa Boogie Road King. The professionalism of this band shines through when contending with the regular technical hitches at such small shows. Handling the disruption of their sound completely failing and playing deaf for a few long minutes with calm and grace, did not affect the performance whatsoever, and they emerged glorious once sound was restored. After the buzz of an excellent show had died down the club began to clear out, each attendee having been converted and many a GA*GA*S t-shirt having been purchased. With true love to their old and newly acquired fans, the band was as kind to stay behind for a good time after to sign posters and generally chat with the fans. Refreshing to see that emerging rock talent still has time for the fans that put them there.

Although there is nothing new about the sound of The GA*GA*S, it is my humble opinion that they will go far. After recently being named in the category of Metal Hammers 'best new band', they can't go wrong with such a backing. With a new single out in January and their debut album following in February, this won't be the last we hear of them. Having progressed significantly to a more mature songwriting style and improving their already tight performance. The GA*GA*S deliver a truly memorable night for 100 or so, now drunken music fans, all in the spirit of rock and roll of course.

by Lauren May

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