The Deadthings Live @ Crown & Anchor, Adelaide (Aus) - 30th April 2005

Bringing their glam-goth-punk infused hard rock to Adelaide for the first time, The Deadthings were looking to lay claim to some virgin territory. And that they did... laying bare their musical souls infront of an intrigued collection of onlookers in a city more accustomed to the hard-core scene.

Taking to the stage on the stroke of midnight looking like extras from a Michael Jackson "Thriller" video clip, Jules and his entourage powered through a set lasting just over an hour, winning over the crowd with their tight performance and horror-based theatrical stage presence.

With a sound laying somewhere between Roxx Gang and The Murderdolls, the hour-long set list exploded to life with the bands' debut single "Welcome To the Horror Show". Before long the guys hit top gear, belting out favorites including "Sign of the Devil" and "Trick or Treat", hitting a peak with "Addicted to Satan", all lifted from the bands debut EP "When Hell Sleazes Over".

Newer tracks, including the ball-tearing rocker "Holly-Would", gave fans a sneak peak at the upcoming album, whilst a sleazed-up version of Poison's "Look What The Cat Dragged In" fueled a possessed audience.

Rising from six feet under, and bringing the spirit of glam with them, The Deadthings shocked sleepy Adelaide to life… if albeit only for an hour. It may have been the bands' first visit to "the city of churches" but gauging by the response it won't be long too before they're back preaching to the newly converted.

by Lindsay Bulach

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