The Boys Night Out @ Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff, UK - April 2009

It's been a pretty long time since a weekend on the razz in Cardiff has captured so much attention from the UK glam community. With people travelling from Scotland, Thames Valley and the Midlands to make this event something just that little bit special had to be behind this oddly monikered "Boys Night Out"… right?

This "ticket only" event organised by some die hard "Tigertailz" message boarders was meant to be a quiet get together in Cardiff's premier rock haunt "Fuel" in memory of one Pepsi "The Boy " Tate and in turn hopefully raise a few pounds sterling for Pepsi's cancer charity ( What the night actually turned into, was a fantastic celebration of the scene right here and now, via two superb live sets from "Circle of One" and "Spit Like This", and a truly emotional get together for fans and "Tigertailz" band members old and new to raise over £2,000 in Mr Tate's name.

Having an almost "Tailz-fest" feel to the proceeding, the hundreds in attendance had the chance to get up close and personal with the likes of "Kim Hooker", "Ace Finchum" and " Matt Blakout" whilst perusing a treasure chest of signed glam goodies donated by some stalwart fans and band members themselves, that would later be auctioned by surprise vendor for the night, Glitzine's very own man of glam rock mystery Gaz E.

But this event was always going to be about the music we love so much, and up in the DJ booth the "Fuel" guys unleashed tunes to shake your locks (or not in my case) to. With tracks especially chosen by fans and band members that Pepsi would have loved back in his days vamping it up at Cardiff's then premier rock haunt "Bogiez".
Whilst over on the live stage the goods were being delivered thick and fast in the shape of local lads "Circle of One" who oozed class via a plethora of dirty sweet prog/glam coated rock tunes, that got producer Beau Hill (Ratt and Kix) hooked enough to demand he work with the Circle on their soon to be released debut album "Tied To The Machine". Standout tracks from their all too brief set were the awesome stomp that is "Automatic" and the majestic "Mansun" like sway of "Methods of Control".

Control is the last thing you'd expect from "Spit Like This", and true to form Lord Zion and crew finished the live element of "The Boys Night Out" with an elegantly wasted set of debauchery and sin soaked tunes. By the time "Sleaze Sells" has converted the amassed throng into a singing arena rock audience done on a budget, the cover of Rocky Horrors "Sweet Transvestite" had the platform heeled lovelies in attendance moving like "Herman Munster" in a 100 meter dash.
Pedigree sleaze, and a perfect curtain call to proceedings when Lord Zion confessed that he once had a Birthday cake made in the cover of the Tailz "Beserk". Cue, certain audience members to look skywards to try and work out just how old that made the new lord of Sex Drugs and Heavy Metal…. Classic!!!!

As Saturday quickly became Sunday accompanied by dance floor scenes not seen in Cardiff since the original Bogiez sadly closed its doors way back when. This event certainly was not just a successful tribute to Pepsi Tate, but also a middle finger up to the current rock club scene by being defiantly glam and proud of it. Something that we all know would have made a certain Boys Night Out.

Here's to next year then guyz and galz, and Debz et all you keep up the good work.

by Johnny H.

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