The Black Mollys/Morph - Live @ Rhondda Hotel, Porth, UK 22nd May 2009

(Photo Credits: Tessa Blakout)

The last place you'd expect to find 2 current members of "Enuff Z Nuff" on a sultry Friday night, is in an upstairs bar in one of the UK's hardest welsh mining towns starting with a P (copyright Sky 5 HD).
But stood next to me at the rather splendid Rhondda Hotel bite size bar are singer/guitarist Tory and drummer Randi from said power pop demi gods and damn it if Mr Rob Lane isn't also along for this UK roller coaster tour on ultra low-slung bass duties.

When during a pre gig spot of rock n roll networking (or hairnet working as I like to call it) it transpires the previous nights support band had been the rather exquisite "Brijitte West", you can guess that left me feeling slightly spent, but then London get all the best support bands eh?
That's taking nothing away from "Morph", but who could follow the news that I'd missed Brijitte West by one… and that's one too many, nights.
So kudos indeed to the (thankfully) non- plasticine four-piece "Morph" who not only livened up the healthy sized crowd in attendance but also gave me a suitable "Kings X" influenced classic rock hard upper cut that stopped me being all desperately hopeful. "Morph" certainly have all the moves to make things happen and also a few juicy tunes for you to get your jaws around, but it's in guitarist "Harry Pierson" that the band has its USP, the face to wet a 1,000 pairs of ladies undercrackers.

"The Black Mollys" are a band (I'm ashamed to say), I'd heard very little of before tonight, but as soon as their glorious powerpop anthems started to unfurl their hooks, the likes of "Girlfriend" and "Rock Whore" immediately had me seeing Tsars (sic) and clawing out at thin air for the elusive new CD at the merch booth.
Part "American Hi-Fi" in their razor sharp punk pop sensibilities, but much more in the song writing league of long lost gods of the scene "The Fags". The "Ones Mans Treasure" album "The Black Mollys" are supporting this time around (and yes I did buy a copy) should be on every powerpop loving Glitziners wish list, right up there with the new "Cheap Trick" download album.

Hats off then one and all, to the promoter, venue, and punters that tonight both bands played original material throughout the night; not covers (well if you discount "The Black Mollys" very small segments of "Surrender" and "New Thing"). The entry fee was also a very respectable £3, something most ticket agencies add double the amount as a fucking despicable service charge these days.
An all round quality night out in the UK's hardest welsh mining towns starting with a P (copyright Sky 5 HD), and hopefully the first of many more to come.

by Johnny H.

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