The Black Lungs/The Loyalties Live @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (UK) - 29th August 2008

It's a hot and humid Friday night in the Capital of Wales, and the city is full of pissed up idiots on their weekly sabbaticals to nowhere and boredom.
Tucked away in a side street however, Clwb Ifor Bach is where the wise guys and gals around town are. With the venue less than a third full when "The Loyalties" hit the stage at 09:15 sharp, you can't help but feel the rehearsal vibe creeping over the night's events.

But no, fuck that shit, this is "The Loyalties" we are talking about here, and once Tom has shaken off the after effects of his mid afternoon nap (30nage Rampage indeed Mr Spencer) the band are fast cooking on gas and the venue starts to fill up nicely thank you very much.
Set wise the usual suspects are rolled out in military like precision from opener "Jimmy Does", to the awesomely catchy "Sugarcoat" and not forgetting the best bass riff intro this year in "Sofa Surfing UK". Effortlessly cool in 30-degree temperatures this is a band at the top of this sleaze rawk game and ready to slay "Duff McKagan's Loaded" audiences later this year.

Oh and Tom, to answer your post gig question I do indeed own a "Clash" single, don't we all?

Prior to the opening bars of "The Black Lungs" set, I can honestly say that it was only the novelty of seeing "Cancer Bats" frontman "Liam Cormier" playing drums for the headliners that had kept me hanging around.
But as soon as "Wade MacNeil" opens his mouth I'm so glad I've made the effort and I'm totally fucking hooked in to the bands organic soul punk driven vibe.

Having never been a fan of Wade's day job band "Alexisonfire", I was never in a million years expecting the equal parts "Dirtbombs" meets "RFTC" sound that greeted me, all of this driven on a skanking Hammond organ groove that had me dancing like some demented chimp.

Credit indeed to "Wade MacNeil" who has just the right type of whiskey soaked voice designed for music of this pedigree. I can't pretend to tell you the songs played, as they all whizzed past quicker than "Usain Bolt", but "The Gun Club cover aired from the not available at the gig 7", namely "For The Love of Ivy" was one that stuck with me on the way to the merch stall for my copy of the just released "Send Flowers" CD.

So, whilst the rest of Cardiff's weekend warriors were busy drowning their brains in this years favoured chemical cocktail I had the pleasure of witnessing not only one but two great bands for the price of a normal round of drinks. Sometimes that small smug glow you get from being just that little bit different is worth its weight in gold, isn't it?

Fuck The World indeed.

by Johnny H

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