The Almighty Live @ The Fleece, Bristol (UK) - Friday 11th August 2006

Having first seen The Almighty back around 1989-90 in a small sweaty club, there is a strange poetic justice in seeing them back in this size venue again.

This show was a warm up show for the following nights Bulldog Bash, so you can forget that these guys should still be headlining Odeon size venues and just enjoy the fact that you are there savouring a very special moment in time.

Having reformed the Powertrippin line up for some Leukaemia Charity (Floyd is currently in remission) shows a few months ago, it now seems that this could be a more long term thing and on tonight's showing that can only be to the benefit of every true fan of Rock N Roll in the UK, no, scrub that make it the world.

Kicking off in a sardine packed sweltering heat we got the classics "Crucify" and "Full Force Lovin Machine" ploughing headlong into "Wrench" and "Addiction" before we get all political with "Jesus Loves You (But I Don't)". Ricky still commands the stage like Eddie Spaghetti on crack with an "Oirish" accent, and to his left and right Pete Friesen and the aforementioned Floyd London simply grin from ear to ear at the cacophonic reaction from the dedicated crowd of Almighty nutters, and Stumpy well he is just Stumpy pounding out the sub Motorhead beats as he always has done for the band.

Value for money being the order of the night we got everything from "Sin Against The Light" to "Do You Understand" and rounding the evening off we also got some classy covers in the shape of "The Cowboy Song" and "Bodies"

If you want to spend 90 minutes with a band that are enjoying themselves and play real Rock N Fucking Roll then give your money to The All Loud, All Wild, All Fucking MIGHTY.

Welcome back lads, my world has been a quieter place without you.

by Johnny H.

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