Swedish Special

Easy Action was my first meeting with Swedish glam/sleaze rock. The Band featured Alex Tyrone (Noice and Sha-Boom), Kee Marcello (Europé) and Zinny Zan (Shotgun Messiah). I liked them as a ten-year-old but today I know better. They were a poor man’s Hanoi Rocks (a really poor man that is). Glam/sleaze flourished in L.A. in the mid/late eighties. The Wave reached Europé a couple of years later. Some bands were good but most seemed to wish they were born in America a couple of years earlier. Being sleazy doesn’t come from stop showering, it comes natural! Most bands were GnR clones. So beware the snakepits and tornado's. Actually Backyard Babies started out as a budding, but talented, typical GnR clone – listen to Nicke’s vocals on the early demos, but turned into something much better.

We all know about the Swedish actionrock-phenomena. Hellacopters and Backyard Babies have put Sweden on the map again. Based on all the demos Glitzine receive’s, it’s obvious that Sweden has got one of the most interesting underground scenes at the moment. Therefore, here is a short introduction to the glitter/punk bands in Sweden.


Plan Nine has been around for a couple of years. They started out as a punkband, their name wasn’t the only Misfit reference, but soon developed a more melodic and glamoriented sound. They are signed to German label We Bite which released their CD – "Dead Inside" in 1999. A quite impressive album which earned 7 (out of ten) in Glitzine and 3 (out of five) in Kerrang!. The Material on "Dead Inside" were a bit old though and Plan 9 had already developed a stronger glitterapproach.

Plan Nine have recently finished their new CD "Generation Action" with producer Chips K (The Zeros and White Flag, Psychotic Youth , The Nomads and Hellacopters). Glitzine has heard the material and guarantees that very few will be disappointed. The New songs are a cross between old Plan-Nine-punk and 80’s glamrock. It will be interesting to watch this band. Visit their website


Scarecrows is a band from Nassjö. Lead by Manx Starchild these boys do make some major noise in Sweden. They have played a couple of shows with Hardcore Superstar (the in-thing in Sweden). Scarecrows have developed from a punkband towards more action/glitter punk. Their latest tape "The Deadly Kisses emotions" are very good, eventhough the band is still a bit rough ’round the edges. According to vocalist/bassist Manx, their new material is even better. Their new tape will be released during the spring. Canät wait! Visit their website


I don’t know why I didn’t check out this band before. Maybe it was because their name reminded me of the Jackyls (the worst band in the history of music). Anyway, The Jackals are one of Sweden’s brightest prospects at the moment. They have to get a little tighter but they have the songs. Their tape "Killer Glitz" is the best demo I’ve heard in quite awhile. Vocalist K-J pens hits. You can hear touches of NY Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, The Wildhearts and some underground U.K 80’s glambands that I don’t remember the names of. Don’t miss this band! Visit their website


Sugar Shock is a pretty new Swedish glitterpunk band. Sugar Shock is is pure teenage rampage. It’s about having fun on a Saturdate night… or Tuesday. Whatever! Sugar Shock has been compared to Ramones, Poison (hey by the way, Rikki Rockett loves Sugar Shock), Jesse Camp, Star Star, D-generation and NY Dolls. Their first CDep "First Date" got raving reviews – the lowest rating was a 3+ out of 5. Their new Cdep "Highschool Sweethearts" will be released in May. Visit their website


Elasmo is a pretty new interesting band from Gotheburg. Certainly not your typical glamrockband, Elasmo rather mix their flashy image with an unique electric popsound. They are published by Jimmy Fun. This band has got major potential. Visit their website


Highschool Hellcats is a another good rockin’ band from Stockholm. The band’s biggest influence is obvious – Hanoi Rocks – and it can’t get any better then their tributesong "Saigon’s gonna shake". The Hellcats’ debutCD "Electric Misstress" contains seventeen songs. Some of the stuff are fillers but the material is generally strong.


Maryslim is a pretty new band from Stockholm. The band consists of Mats Olson, Kent Axén, Urrke Thunman (Kingsize) and Patrik Jonsson. Their sound is very 80’s oriented but with a modern touch.


This noise foursomee from Arvika are getting some good recognition in the undergroundscene in Scandinavia. Their newest single aptly titled "Fuck you", show some blended garagepunk. Visit their website

There are plenty of other cool Swedish bands to watch out for in the forthcoming future: Hardcore Superstar The Vultures, A-bombs, Cosmic Ballroom and Hellhounds.