Supersuckers/Nashville Pussy - Live @ Bristol Thekla, UK 14th April 2009

Twenty years on the road, that's not only how long "Supersuckers" have been plying their trade, but also the name of this fantastic credit crunch busting VFM tour package. That brings together two of the finest flag bearers for true musical integrity there are in the world of rawk n roll today for under £15…. Bargain I hear you cry!

As time is money on this tour, and with two full headline sets to squeeze into the hull of the Thekla (which is a converted boat if you didn't already know), "Nashville Pussy" are off and running faster than a Road Runner, squeezing suitable amounts of song and sweaty hooter flesh into a glorious musical pornography that is an orgasmic joy to (be) hold.
Any band that can roll out tracks like "Struttin Cock" and "Go Muthafucker Go" without one hint of irony is always a winner in Johnny H's book. The covers Blaine and Co choose to share with us are as always inspired, with Tina Turners "Nutbush City Limits" and Rose Tattoo's "Rock N Roll Outlaw" each given a sound throttling.

"Nashville Pussy" truly are Rock N Roll Outlaws to the fucking core and it has to be said that in "Ruyter Suys" they possess the finest female guitarist playing anywhere in the world today.

The greatest rock n roll band in the world today on the other hand also just happen to be in the same venue tonight, namely the glorious racket that is the "Supersuckers".
"Eddie Spaghetti's" band of brothers have come to Bristol to break some china to celebrate their milestone anniversary and as he stands pre gig, horns aloft, and ice cool in a boiling hot venue, you can only stand back in awe of the control this man has on the amassed bunch of droogies squeezed together stage front "Muthafucker you ain't be Trippin".
Unfortunately for the nights proceedings, mid way through "Supersuckers" set, a very small element of the audience (and yet again sadly at this great venue) decide its fun to kick seven shades of shit out of each other whilst seemingly off their faces on something or other. As a result the rest of the show has that "unwelcome" edginess you get from time to time when you're around fucked up idiots, but this is normally in pubs and not at our type of gigs…right?
Anyway, if they weren't there to remember the music, the rest of us most certainly were, and the hour plus long set that unfolded like some vintage "Def Leppard" Pyromania Tour programme/poster was heaped in heritage and nostalgia.
"Rock N Roll Records", "Born With a Tail", "Mudhead" and "Bad Bad Bad" were all rolled into one joyous roller coaster of sound, with the usual country mid set hoedown truly cementing the bands musical diversity and dexterity to any non-believers in attendance.

If a band can be this fresh after writing and touring for two decades then bring on the next two.

Supersuckers truly are The Evil Power of Rock N Roll.

by Johnny H.

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