Steel Panther - Live @ Academy 1, Manchester (UK) - 14th September 2009

Some people might say that this band came out of nowhere, that they've stormed radio stations and stolen girlfriends in a short blaze of glory. By tonight's performance it was clear to see that this is far from the truth. Steel Panther are in fact seasoned musicians, previously known as Metal Skool, and currently enjoying success that some of these modern day "sleaze-metal" wannabe bands could only dream of.

Exploding onto the stage in a haze of hairspray and spandex, Steel Panther were obviously more than ready to tear Manchester a new one. The venue, packed out to a degree rarely seen, heard the chanting of "PANTHER" from the moment the doors opened. And dammit those guys put on a show.

In just the three months since debut album "Feel the Steel" was released; the crowd sang every last word back to vocalist with the…. most-a-list…ahem…Michael Starr who did not falter once throughout the gig, claiming not to be "a fat David Lee Roth" but merely a "skinny Vince Neil". This band is all about the feel-good tunes, but they're also about putting on a damn good show. They played all of their much loved hits, and when they ran out of songs they'd written, they refused to give up, breaking into a spectacular rendition of " Jump" by Van Halen" and we were treated to some Roth-style star jumps, spandex and glitter included! Every heavy metal 80's wig in the place bounced up and down, not to mention the "assets" of the girl they got up onto the stage.

They might be a parody band so to speak, but they write the lyrics Bret Michaels didn't have the balls to attempt. Their songs are catchy, instant classics, and their musicianship is purely outstanding. Parody band or not, the fact that each and every member of this band plays better than many of the recording artists out there, does them no harm. Oh, and being damn pretty helps.

Some say this band is the new Spinal Tap for a generation, and it's hard to ignore this ever spoken comparison. But if they keep going the way they are, they have every opportunity to be even bigger. Will we see the day come when Motley Crue open for THEM?

by Katt Ball

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