Sonic Ruin Zine - Issue 1 and Issue 2

First Issue Review

Well, can anyone lend me $3? That's about 3 pence isn't it? Carl Isonhart's debut issue mini zine is dedicated to glam, punk, sleaze, rock n roll and general delightful trash. Generating negligible or zero profit, it boasts of news, reviews, interviews and 'almost no ads' - this little number is a product of passion.

For a first issue and petite size, it's pretty packed; containing far more words than my pea brain could wade through in one session. Hard work has gone into this modest but honest debut. The no frills black and white print and mode add to its cheap sleazy sexiness. Highlights on offer are an old unlikely and candid interview with Buttz from the Babysitters (read the preluding ebay tale to this!), Baby Scream and Soho Roses. There is also an extended appraisal of The Alarm's album Under Attack. Other reviews cover mainly golden oldies but also inspiring new talent. All of these are deep and heavily text based with my beady little eyes struggling to read the teeny tiny print.

Bold and adroit with many moments of sincerity, it should feel like a yummy sweetie in your grubby little hands. This lovely lo-fi number would be ideal to pick up at gigs. If you see one lying around, flick through then fold it lovingly into your back pocket or ram it down ya undies for that desirable and sizeable bulge. I hope and fully anticipate that it will elaborate and expand. In fact we already hear tittle-tattle rumours of issue 2 in circulation.

Oh hang on… glam rockers can't read can they… shit.

by Kiran the Killer

Second Issue review
$3.00 (US)
$4.00 (Elsewhere)

Ha Ha Ha Kiran ;)

… low n' behold, yes, Issue 2 is now available, and it's my turn to sweeten and tantalise your taste buds.

Unfortunately due to a slight loss on the first issue (postal costs), Carl had no choice but to increase the price for folks living outside the US. But I stress, DO NOT let the extra $1 put you off obtaining this or any future issues of Sonic Ruin; you would be a bloody fool to miss out on this lil ditty, and with even less ads than its predecessor (i.e. all of one), you're definitely guaranteed your monies worth.

And in Issue 2, Mr. Isonhart lays everything on the line in his editorial, problems encountered and future prospects. He is definitely one of the wonders of life and a genuine person, he's not afraid to admit his mistakes and learn from them, and throughout, he tells you his flaws. Now, I've been Editor of Glitzine for quite a few years, and I still make mistakes; it's a fact of life, so again, I stress, DO NOT let this put you off, if anything, be grateful there's someone out there being honest with you.

Now... onto the juiciness...

Worried he had possibly isolated buyers with Issue One, Carl set out to prove his main priority was not to re-live the past by dragging the golden oldies back into the forefront with new interviews. His sole intent is to do "nothing more than expose bands I love", and with that said, inside this glorious 32 page Issue, you'll find Interviews with Supagroup, The Compulsions and Fishnet Stalkers, amidst an introduction to Magazines and Webzines and not forgetting the unmistakeable in-depth CD Reviews (something Carl was reknowned for here at Glitzine... and loved for).

Bag a bargain! Go on! You KNOW you want too! Those with any form of uncertainty running through their noggins... why gawddamn you, WHY!!!!!! Throw those thoughts to the floor and spit! Spit as bloody n' dirty as your heart desires, this zine HAS to be bought, SO BUY IT NOW DAMN YOU!!!!!!!

by Spice D. Warlock

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