Steevi Jaimz Band Live @ Z Rocks, Maximes, Wigan (UK) - 7th October 2007

2000 was the last time I ventured to Z Rocks, it's one of those all day events you need to attend with a good group of buddies or have a pure undisputed love for AOR, so why on earth did we see Steevi Jaimz Band on the line-up? Who knows! I don't care, this was an absolute one-off to see a guy I idolised back in '91 play my old haunt... there was not a chance in hell I was missing this.

Steevi and the boys hit the stage slightly later than advertised due to, how shall we say... technical issues (strange how they were the only band the entire day who suffered 'issues' before even stepping foot on stage), which in turn altered their set from 45-minutes to 30! Unfortunately this wasn't the only problem they encountered, but boy oh boy were they a welcome relief to the complete and utter shite I'd had to sit through beforehand. Okay, maybe a little harsh, but oh so true. I had never in my life been this bored at Z Rocks, like I said if you attend take a good group of buddies with you. Thankfully mine turned up before I fell asleep.

The first notable thing... people actually got up off their backsides and edged their way to the stage, not many, but enough to show SJB they were appreciated. The second, the fact the guys actually gave their audience a show, unlike those 'other bands' who shall remain nameless.

I'd been warned not to stand too close to the stage due to a certain frontman's water spitting episodes, but what the hell... front and centre was I, and to be honest you needed to be. I'm not a sound engineer but anyone with half a brain would've realised the bass levels were too high. Thankfully, the sound central stage was phenomenal and didn't hinder the guys to any degree.

But how on earth Steevi managed to decide what songs to delight us all with beats me. Such a short set and… goodness knows how many years in the music industry… well let me tell you, Tigertailz fan or SJB fan, you'd have been brimming ear to ear, forget the 'Cat On a Hot Tin Roof', this was Cheshire Cat territory. Speaking of which, I felt like that lil feline tip-tapping it's furry ass across that roasting roof, and yeah, I saw the lights of heaven. What did surprise me however was that this was the only track the guys chose to play from 'Damned If I Do… Damned If I Don't', I'd have loved to have heard more, but then again if I would've kept them on stage for hours if I could.

Alas… why am I saying alas? You couldn't have asked for a richer set-list (or show), we had it all, from the Tigertailz classics 'Hollywood Killer', 'Livin Without You' and 'Shoot To Kill' right through to the brand spanking new, still wrapped in cellophane 'Kiss of Death'. And we can't forget the water spitting, humongous pouting (yeah, I'm talking about you Mr Benz), tongue tantalizing action and groin grabbing from Steevi and Joacim (at which point this tiny bloke, n' I'm not tall myself, tapped me on the arm to ask if Steevi was gay… laugh, I was roaring!)

Unfortunately time was not on our side and it seemed like no sooner had the guys come on stage they were off again. I'd have paid the £50 door entry just for this though. This is well up there in lights as being one of the best shows I've ever attended, and will no doubt take some mighty fine beating.

If you're in Norway this Friday (19th October) make sure you get yourself to 'Rock the Boat', you will not be disappointed!

And for those interested in some of the other encountered problems, they run as follows… 1. told they couldn't pitch up and sell their merchandise at the Z Rocks merch table; 2. shipped from one AAA room to another on arrival and then informed they couldn't stay in there after the show, and the one to beat all… 3. supplied beer tokens that couldn't be used at the bar! Not the most organized show they've had the pleasure of playing, and sadly, I'm guessing, a show they'll never be willing to play again, but who can blame them.

by Spice D. Warlock

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