Spiders & Snakes/Pretty Boy Floyd Live @ The Shack, Anaheim (USA) - 29th July 1999

When I was a fourteen-year-old small-town boy in Sweden, I used to fantasize about seeing Pretty Boy Floyd live. How cool it would be too watch the leather boyz set the night on fire with their cock rock shock rock n roll. Being so young and 12423214 trillion miles away from Hollywood (... a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away), I didn't believe that dreamever would come true. Ten years later my teenage dream was fulfilled (well, at least one of my teenage dreams. I had several others though which I won't print here due to legal reasons. There was this cute bulldog across the street...). I must admit though that the remote bar - The Shack - didn't really match my dreams. As a teenager I was convinced that PBF was superior to everyone and everything, of course they would play the arenas! Ten years later, considering the status of the musicscene and Pretty Boy Floyd, The Shack would do just fine.

Unfortunately, I missed the first bands - D-Zire and Rotten Rod and the Warheads - but I arrived just in time for Spiders & Snakes. I admire S&S a lot. A Brilliant band which have been around since the early nineties, doing their OWN thing, flirting with 70's glam and glitter. Lead vocalist Lizzie Grey is an underground superstar (a paradox, I know) and has earned a lot of credibility throughout the years. He cowrote "Public Enemy #1" with Nikki Sixx. As we all know, that particular song became a hit and classic for Sixx's band - Motley Crue. Twenty years later, Lizzie Grey's band - Spiders & Snakes - open their show with their version of the song.... and a really good version that is. Spiders & Snakes is a sight for sore eyes. They certainly stand out of the pack, withtheir silver- and glittercostumes and glamourous make-up. Yeah, I know I am a sucker for their image. I was very impressed with Spiders & Snakes' last album "Astro Pop", a phenomenal flipper between the 70's and the 90's. I was, however, a bit disappointed when they turned hardrock on their latest album - "London Daze". That impression changed during the concert. "Radio Stars" and "Don't know when to stop", both from "London Daze", sounded like pure hits. Fun with a capital F. The Only low-point was a rather weak version of Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen", I prefer S&S own songs. All in all, very impressive!

Then it was time. I was standing, all dressed up in dreams and with the bulldog at my side, waiting for Pretty Boy Floyd. Actually, I had already talked to some of them since they were hanging around. I managed to get a front-row-position which, after all, wasn't that hard since there only were two rows. I had spoken with some rockers before the show, who claimed that PBF was hungry and on the right track again. They certainly are on the right track, their new CD "Porn Stars" only took about two years to record - a major improvement! Hungry? Well, I don't know if I agree. They are professional and it is easy to see that they have been around, doing this before. That is also their weakness. Sometimes they joke and talk TOO much with the audience, which makes them look more like hometown heroes than superstars.

PBF played almost every song on "Porn Stars" EXCEPT the three new ones (what? Play safe?). It was a blast to see the three original members (and another teenage idol - Lesli from Queeny Blast Pop) deliver "I Wanna be with you" and "Rock n Roll". It almost took me back to the day I bought "Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz"... but only almost. PBF have lost much of the magic or maybe it is me who has changed... I still dream about that bulldog though.

Written by Andreas Persson