Rest In Sleaze Festival - Live @ Fryshuset, Stockholm

Rest in Sleaze-festival is an annual event held for celebrating the memory of Dave Lepard, the former singer in the Swedish sleaze band Crashdiet, who passed away in January of 2006.
The first band to enter the stage this year was Raw Diamond, a sleaze band from Uppsala, Sweden. And even though they played slightly early, they still did a great show, their songs were great and they seemed to have a lot of fun, and their energy seemed to be infectious for the audience.
Next band on stage was Vision, a band with only female members. They went on stage with a lot of energy and they worked hard to pass it on to the audience. Unfortunately their performance began to feel flat after a few songs, and towards the end they felt boring, which was quite sad because they seemed so promising when they first entered the stage.
The Finnish band Scene D Chryme is good, but it doesn't really work, they seem to have everything, good energy, good response from the audience, but still there's something missing. They have good songs, but they're not great. And I think that describes them pretty well, they did a good gig, but it was lacking highlights, there wasn't anything great.
Bulletrain was the forth band to enter the stage, and possibly the most promising band of the evening. They had every ingredient for a great band, the energy, the chemistry, the attitude and great songs as well as a very prominent singer. This is a band I hope to hear more from in the future.
The Italian band Pollution was a disappointment. Their gig was protracted, and there was never any real energy, it fell flat and mostly just felt like they were doing it on routine, there was nothing fun or exciting about their performance, sadly enough.
The headliner and the last band playing on Rest in Sleaze 2010 was Crashdiet. It started off with the showing of a video with short clips of the late Dave Lepard and the video ended with the text "We miss you brother… tonight is for you", after which Crashdiet entered the stage and started their gig with "Knokk em down". They had decided to honour Dave Lepard by playing his one and only album, "Rest in Sleaze" from beginning to end. It was a great gig, and a great way to make this show about Dave and not about Crashdiet. New singer Simon Cruz did a great job, and Peter London looked happier and healthier than he did during the period with Olli on vocals. They ended their show with their new single "Generation Wild", and it was obvious that Crashdiet is here to stay and fight to regain their spot at the top of the Swedish sleaze scene.
All and all this was a great evening, Lisbeth Hellman once again did a great job with putting together great bands and making a great night out of it, a night in memory of Dave Lepard.

by Wednesday Salo