Riot:Noise Live @ Bar Monsta, London (UK) - 7th June 2008

(Photos: Joana Saramago)

If you want organisation, look no further than incorporating the skills of Riot:Noise. Without the time and effort put in by these guys the night would have been a shambles. Bar Monsta had placed a deadline on them; all equipment had to be removed from the premises by 11pm due to an R&B night they were running afterwards. A shoddy affair indeed, more so because the venue had actually been hired by Riot:Noise for their Single Release gig.
What made the night all the more annoying was the fact the door staff allowed the R&B punters in at 10:30pm. By this time the Riot:Noise set was in full swing, and what did these knobs proceed to do… they stood at the back of the room, loud, obnoxious and taking the piss!
Personally, they ruined the gig for me (I was stupidly stood at the back); but thankfully that was not the case for the band. It was their night and in my mind, that's all that matters.

The boys powered through a raucous, punk-fuelled 9-song set list and I swear you could actually feel dirt and grime smearing itself throughout the room. You could almost imagine being in the middle of a Glastonbury field after 10 hours of rain, rolling around in the mud, havin' a ball (they do say mud is the most effective method to eliminate toxic substances that attack the body, shame it didn't eliminate the R&B tossers! HaHa!)
Riot:Noise seem to be a perfect combo, what with their sleazy swather, pounding guitars, perfection of the utmost in melody, and filth ridden vocals, and the greatest thing about Marty's vocals is the fact he uses them wisely. I don't think he uses his voice to the max capability reachable (high and low chords), but then again, would they be needed? The level he does reach keeps the performance interesting and gritty.
There are too many vocalists on the new British punk rock scene, who are flat in tonality, and should take a leaf out of Marty's book.

I 'was' (up to this point) a Riot:Noise virgin; I'm glad I made that leap of faith (as you never know what the hell you're gonna be confronted with) to head to London to see them and highly recommend you do the same. Drag your backsides to any gig listing you see with these guys playing, live for the excitement of the unknown, you could be pleasantly surprised. If you need a little bit more convincing, throw into a blender The Erotics, Disarm and The Glitterati, with a sprinkling of Seahags and you'll see what these guys are all about. This is 100% filth, and I love it!

by Spice D. Warlock

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