Richard Bacchus and the Luckiest Girls/Dead Against the Rest Live @ 10 Feet Tall Club, Cardiff (UK) - 25 March 2008

Cast your mind back to 1994; and think of the confused state of the UK music scene, with everyone and their dogs trying to be "Grunge" or "Britpop". Then think of some of the classier stuff that was being released worldwide "The Black Crowes" were at their career pinnacle with Amorica, "Nine Inch Nails" were taking a Downward Spiral and "Warrior Soul" were transforming into Space Age Playboys.

For us Glam Punk guys pickings were certainly slimmer than Jim. Then seemingly from out of nowhere via NYC came "D-fucking- Generation".

To try and put down in writing just how life changing these glam punk leg-ends were for me in the 90's would be like some therapy session of monstrous proportions. The fact that this can also be said for fellow Glitzine writer "Gaz E" would make the subsequent session more like a yet to be written episode of "The Mighty Boosh" and you really don't want to go there, I can assure you.

Suffice it to say that the feather cut hairstyles, drainpipes jeans and brothel creeper shoes sported by said band were like some extra terrestrial calling to us lovers of things sleazy, and damn it if their music wasn't just shit hot as well.

Fourteen years on and "D Generation" are but a faded musical memory for most, but when news broke that "D Gen" guitarist "Richard Bacchus" was playing a UK Tour in support of his latest release "Jet Black and Beautiful", with his "Luckiest Girls" in tow. It would have taken an event of biblical proportions to stop "Mr E" and me from being in the front row waving our leopard print thongs in the air.

Set up in a brand spanking new Cardiff venue that resembled some dimly lit, illicit, bohemian drug and sex palace, Mr Bacchus and his band of Rob Lane & Jamie Delirict from "TCC" on bass and guitar respectively with Nicolas Barry on Drums were in perfectly seedy surroundings for their shit kicking brand of Rock N Roll. The night however also brought the news that tour support "The Dangerfields" were unable to play as they had unceremoniously parted with their guitarist the previous evening, so local sleaze-meisters "Dead Against The Rest" were left to get the ball rolling and with plenty of banter and antics from lead psycho-singer "The Marshall", the closing ironic/iconic cover of "Dio's" Holy Diver leaving everyone, Bacchus included (devils) horned up and howling.

So it was with said same tongues still firmly in cheeks that "The Luckiest Girls" first gig in Wales was introduced with "How The Fuck Are You San Diego?" And without one silent snigger we were straight into the awesome "Waitin Around, and for the next 40 odd minutes all I can see are beaming faces and some very bad dancing from yours truly (the mirrored venue making everyone sort of kinky paranoid). Taking tracks from the acoustic album "The Bicycle Diaries" such as "Age of Confusion", "Wendy Oh" and "Pugnacious" into a full band setting adds just the right amount of light and shade to these works of art, and in most cases it makes them sound hungry, indispensable, punk/pop gems.

The too short and sweet set closed with two "D Generation" classics in "Capitol Offender" and (a song dedicated to bad tape traders everywhere) "Degenerated" leaving me stunned like some glam Sasquatch caught in day-glo neon headlights.

Catching up with Richard after the show he seemed genuinely flattered when "Mr E" and me recalled buying the "D Generation" debut album back in 1994, in an old music shop simply yards away from the nights venue, and paying the princely sum of £18 for it, even back then.

But times move on and "Jet Black and Beautiful" is where we all need to be right now.

"Richard Bacchus" really is proof in point that whatever "Angry Anderson" might tell you "Nice Boys Do Play Rock N Roll".

by Johnny H.

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