Rest In Sleaze Concert @ Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden 24th January 2009

Once again it was time for the annual Rest in Sleaze concert, honoring the memory of Dave Lepard, former singer in the Swedish sleaze band Crashdiet, who died in January 2006. Hundreds of sleaze rockers showed up, and bands like Crazy Lixx, Babylon Bombs and Baby Jane stood for the entertainment.

The first band to play on RIS-09 was the one man band Lizzy Pistol and the Transylvanian Transvestites. 16 year-old Lizzy Pistol played with members from 44 Caliber and Peter London (Crashdiet, Alter Egon). During their short time on stage, they heated up Nalen, it was hard, it was rock, but best of all, it was fun, and even Peter London looked happy. Lizzy Pistol chose to tribute Dave by playing the old Crashdiet song "Gimmie What I Need". And the only question I asked myself when they left the stage was why a band that good played so early. (7.5/10)

Next on stage was Redlight Attraction, the disappointment of the evening. This is a band that has potential, but their music didn't reach out at all during their performance. And the voice of singer Terry Blade didn't last many minutes of their performance, sad but true. (3.5/10)

The Fornicators were the third band to enter the stage, and this punk band tried hard to deliver, but they didn't convince me, and the big question is, how it would be possible for a punk band to convince a whole sleaze audience that punk is the right way to go. This only felt misplaced. (2/10)

The most impressive band of the night was without a doubt Baby Jane from Gothenburg. The songs were great, the band played with such an energy and attitude it was almost possible to touch. And the fact that they sold out all of their merchandise kind of proves that they're ready for taking over the world. This was fun to see, it was rock n' roll, they could have been doing this forever, but at same time it felt new and interesting, and I do believe there's a lot to be seen from these guys in the future. (9/10)

When Baby Jane left the stage, it was time for Dave Lepard's mother Lisbeth Hellman, to give away this year's scholarship, and for the first time, 2 bands won it. The first to be announced was Lizzy Pistol, who actually didn't win any money, his scholarship, was described as some kind of amplifier. The second band called on stage for winning the scholarship was Baby Jane, who won 4000 SEK to finance the buying of a van, so the band could get around to gigs.

After that, Babylon Bombs entered the stage. Babylon Bombs, the band who was announced to play the concert, about a week before the actual happening, when it was clear that Vains of Jenna had to cancel. So my expectations weren't that high, but they did a great gig on short notice, and even though it felt from time to time like they lost a bit of their energy, they still knew how to rock. It was fun to watch. (7/10)

Two bands remained and of these two, Sister Sin was first up. They did a good job, even though they tried a bit too hard instead of being relaxed. Singer Liv maybe should calm it down a bit, at some times I can agree that less is more. (6/10)

Last but not least Crazy Lixx entered the stage, and the band was on top, and new guitarist Andy Dawson did a great job and showed he really is a part of the band. He was confident, which gave the whole band a push. It was rock 'n' roll, and singer Danny Rexon shone like a star, and his voice testified that he's been blessed with not getting a cold this winter. (8.5/10)

by Johanna Salo