Psycho Gypsy

As stated elsewhere in this issue of Glitzine, glam is growing way out of Los Angeles. Glambands seem to emerge as mushrooms every here and there. Psycho Gypsy fromPhoenix Arizona, is a fine example. These gypsies is out to change the Arizona desert to an oasis of glam.

Formed in 1992 by Eddie (guitars and vocals) and Tim (bass and vocals) at a time when glam was almost dead, suffocating from the strangling snare of grunge and alternative music. They knew each other well from their previous band Widow. Tim and Eddie stuck to their guns through this devastating era of which a glamband was erased every day. They started searching for others young at heart to complete their line-up. It proved difficult as glam didn't flourish in the prevailing musical climate. The two empty spots were later filled by Mykel (Drums) and Eric (lead guitar) though, Psycho Gypsy were formed.

In the mid-nineties things started to change and Psycho Gypsy benefited from it. Kiss and Motley Crue both reunited with their original line-up's and larger-than-life performances was once again conquering ground. Psycho Gypsy started to headlining and opening for such major bands as Pretty Boy Floyd, Cinderella, The Zeros, Tuff, Slaughter, Warrant, Tyketto, Warrant, Bang Tango,Quiet Riot and Shotgun Messiah. They even appeared on the Charlez Perez Show with the theme "My Girlfriend is screwing my best friend". Eddie and Tim lied that they shared the same groupie just to be on the show!

Imagine that old Kiss, Motley Crue and WASP were acting in a Conan the Barbarian or Mad Max movie. Then you got a pretty good view on what Psycho Gypsy look like. Full-face make up, black leather with spikes and glitter all over. The outrageous look of metallic glam that went underground in the mid-eighties. Eddie, Tim, Mykel and Eric is eager to bring it back. They have started a bi-monthly event called "The Glam Slam" at a local club. They play glamvideos on a large screen and bring out other glambands as Guttersluts and Foxy Roxx. If you're in a glamband and wish to be a part of a "The Glam Slam" or just want to find out more about these lunatic nomadics; contact: or write: Psycho Gypsy, 1710E.12th Street, Tempe, AZ. 85281, USA or call: (602) 230-4326

This is a band that will put Arizona on the lipstick of every glamrocker. More on Psycho Gypsy in a forthcoming issue.