Psillobian Live @ The 12 Bar, Preston (UK)

Not really band I would consider reviewing for Glitzine, however, having been asked to review the set, I thought what the hell, and to be honest, pushing aside any assertion toward the bands they 'do' sound like, and taking into account their influences, you may find yourself (dare I say it) enjoying the tunes, and at the most inopportune moments, singing 'Chasing Down the Sun'.

Psillobian, are a four-piece from my hometown who classify themselves as 'Stoner Rock'. Now this is what confuses me. In my opinion, stoner rock is chilled out and trippie; Psillobian on the other hand are about as far away from this description as humanly possible. Perhaps I just don't understand this classification enough, or perhaps I'm too closed-minded (yeah, right!)

Throughout, I found the only song I would even 'consider' classifying as 'Stoner Rock' to be newbie, 'Losing Direction', which showed a mellower side to the band, but unfortunately, this was very short lived. A shame, as 'Losing Direction' transpired across to the audience quite well and seemed to induce them into a state of ambience and calm.

This distinctive edge stood aside from the crushing intensity of songs such as 'Guardians', 'Worthless' and 'Kingdom Undone'. Again, a shame because this lighter side of Psillobian is definitely something I'd like to hear more of. After all, if you're good at something, why limit yourself to 'fuck heavy' balls out music? So I guess the question has to be asked, are they marketing themselves correctly, or do they need to re-think the whole persona?

Psillobian in my opinion are a 'live' band, and as a live band, they have the melodies, angst and psychedelia that would drag the punters in from every corner of the globe, but don't expect to hear this on their 1st two demos, they're weak, in every way possible. Saying this, the guys have recently been back into the studio to cut a new EP, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that the intoxicating energy that flows from their live performance is displayed throughout… only time will tell.

by Spice D. Warlock

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