Primadonnaz Live @ Whiskey Dix, Philadelphia (USA) - 27th August 2003

'Glitter Rock City'

Philly's answer to what rock n' roll is about, were back in action tonight, minus one of their main ingredients. The makeup, the glitter, the loud guitars, the cat screeching vocals, the pounding drums, with the bass grooving along with it, but instantly you noticed that the girls are gone; one of their distinguishing factors. Ok, so the girls are gone, but the boys still proved that they can rock out and still wear as much makeup as anyone in Philly, opening with 'Models and Movie stars', proving instantly for anyone who had doubts, that they are still intact and ready to rock n' roll.

'Teenage Lover' and 'Superstars', were next up. Guitarist Danny decided to jump and roam all over the stage, as Mikey the man with the master glam plan led the boys and the crowd into new song 'Glitter City'.

It was a short set tonight, due to the fact that there were five bands playing… on a Wednesday night at that, which is a rarity, but the Primadonnaz packed a punch and ended the show with 'Black n Blue' and 'King of the Drag Queens', guaranteed to get the crowd on their feet.

So a quick set in which the Primadonnaz proved they still can rock with the best, and wear as much lipstick as anyone.

One quick note for primadonnaz fans, spotted in crowd to show their support and that there are no hard feelings were the two former lovely lady back up singers JJ Wilder and M, a class act on their part.

by Bay Breez

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