Poison Live @ The Joint, Las Vegas (USA) 5th July 2003

If I could sum up the last 24 hours of my life, the term that would come to mind is: 'Nothing But a Good Time', courtesy of none other than Poison of course! I flew from LA to Las Vegas for the triple bill at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino's hotspot 'The Joint' last night. Alas, due to other previously made commitments, I was unable to catch both Skid Row and Vince Neil, but I did arrive in the nick of time to catch the ultimate party band 'Poison' who were in fine form and rocking to a packed house. Every time I see this band they never cease to amaze me. Their energy and enthusiasm is simply contagious and they put on an incredibly tight set loaded with all the classics. Songs like: 'Fallen Angel', 'Something to Believe In', 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn', 'Talk Dirty To Me' and a cover of KISS's 'Rock n' Roll All Night' had the crowd singing along and hanging onto every note! Patriotic colorful confetti doused the audience during various points of the 1-hour set and a top of the line sound system added bonus points to the huge stage set up. Honestly put, this is a show worth every penny for those who wonder if the ticket price bears merit. Granted mine was a comp. but I would have paid to see the guys nonetheless. A++ for this show and Brett claims they will be back on the road again next year so if you missed out this time, rest assured you can catch the action next time around. by Noele Shannon Poison Website Photos courtesy of wcafe and Randy Barrington