Poison - Cracking Smiles

Do you want Action? Love on the Rocks? Due to the successful tour and increasing interest in the band, Poison's unreleased sixth album - "Crack A Smile" will finally see the light of day. Scheduled for a Nov. 2nd release, it'll certainly make a lot of fans smiling.

"Crack a Smile" was recorded in 1996 as a follow-up to the disastrous "NativeTongue". Poison had parted with their second guitarist - Rithie Kotzen - in four years and were trying to regain the front position, lost during the Native-Tongue-era. Bret Michaels, Bobbu Dall, Rikki Rokett and new guitarist Blues Saraceno, changed direction on "Crack A Smile" from the bluesy experimental (by Poison standard that is) back to good ol' rock n roll. It isn't close to classics "Look what the cat dragged in" or "Open up and say ahh" neither soundwise nor qualitywise, but still a major improvement.

With the musiscene stuck in Seattle, Capitol Records thought it was safer to release a "Greatest Hits" compilation than a new Poison album. "Crack A Smile" was put on a shelf as Poison temporary disbanded. Two Songs - "Sexual Thing" and "Lay Your Body Down" were featured on the compilation.

Today, as many 80's bands are reforming and touring, Poison has risen from the ashes and are ready to scratch and bite again. Now, is the right time to finally release "Crack A Smile". It'll be a taster of things to come as well as taking advantage of the new interest in Poison. It sure has been frustrating waiting but soon there will be a new (well almost new) Poison album. It will contain seven unplugged bonustracks and is therefore called "Crack a Smile and more". Time will tell if Poison still can talk and play dirty.

By Andreas Persson