Pharoah Live @ Crossroads, New Jersey (USA) - 15th October 2005

Hey all. Been to see a band you all prob know from the good old days. PHAROAH (half blond/half black haired "SEX< GLAM<GLOOM" godfathers of the 1980's New Jersey glam scene reunited in mid October 2005 for a benefit show for a member of drummers' Nelson Popp's family who recently deceased. The show was held at a small restaurant/bar/club in central jersey. The band played all their hits "Enemy", "Gonna Get U", "Terrorist", "Red Flag", "Mouth", "Frown" well as "I am the walrus" and "Helter Skelter".....The band was cool as ever....a little changed visually, with only singer Karl DeKira and keyboardist Scott Archer still glammed up...but what the hell, it F**kin rocked so damn bad. I caught up with Scott b/f the show and asked him why the band broke up so long ago, he said certain members wanted to start families and get real jobs. Also asked if they would be reuniting just for that night or if they wanted to come back, he said "it could be just for tonight, i dont know" .....they were so good. I took a lot of pictures I hope to have uploaded for Glitzine within the coming week. You guys won't believe how damn cool the show was. I happened to catch info about the show on a PHAROAH fan site about a week b/f the show. The club Crossroads, located in Garwood, New Jersey, had excellent food, and my brother and I sat right by the stage. The author of the Pharoah fan site has assured me that she is working in conjunction with PHAROAH to put out a BEST OF cd in the near future, as several labels have promised this and have crapped out along the way. Any PHAROAH PHANS who want to write me, feel free!!!! I will pass along the pictures from the gig this week.

by Kennyboy

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