Peppermint Creeps Live @ Whiskey Dix, Philadelphia (USA) - 27th August 2003

'The Creeps Come out at Night'

The kings of Ultra Glam invaded Philly in all of their fluorescent pink hair glory; the city will be glowing for the next few weeks guaranteed. I only wish I was a fly inside the cars and cabs passing by Philly's new rock n' roll hotspot 'Whiskey Dix', as there were more guys wearing makeup than the girls. It looked like a scene out of the classic eighties movie 'The Metal Years'.

For those of you not too familiar with the Peppermint Creeps, they are from Hollywood, CA, like that's a surprise and they take glam to heights you couldn't imagine, and I don't mean their hair either.

This was the 1st time I'd actually heard or seen the Creeps, and the one thing that instantly impressed me was their stage set up, which consisted of backdrops, little mushrooms and all types and fluorescent and space age stage props (something you don't see anymore). The band, with their futuristic intro tape, which kind of reminds you of 'In the Beginning' from the Crue, launched into their opener 'Creepshow', followed by 'Cokewhore', 'My Own Fan', 'Lisa Shot her Family' and 'Famous'. I find some of their song titles and lyrics a little tongue n' cheek, for example, the next two songs on the set list… 'Murdered Maryann' and of course, everyman's favorite 'Lesbian'. They played another futuristic tape, like the intro called 'Nightmare' and starting winding down the show, with '1-900', 'Stupid' and 'Fuck Off and Die', which was my personal fave.

After a quick set of under 40 minutes, the Peppermint Creeps came into Philly with their Sky High Pink Hair, space age kabuki makeup and glowing stage show, and showed Philly that Glam is still alive and well.

by Bay Breez

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