Pretty Boy Floyd/Robin Black & the Intergalactic Rockstars Live @ The Underworld, London (UK) - 10th February 2003

Before this weekend, I had never even heard of Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars. I was looking forward to seeing if they lived up to all the hype bestowed on them recently. I was in for a treat.

Robin Black hit the stage, and launched into the immediately catchy 'TV Trash', the opening track from their album 'Planet: Fame' (the chorus is still buzzing round my head). Robin announced that by the fifth song, they'd be our favourite new band. A cocky arrogance, but he had the tools to back it up. The half-full Underworld crowd were then treated to a high-energy salvo of 'Teenage Sex' and 'Better Than You'. Barely pausing for breath, the band fully pushed 'Planet: Fame', cramming as many tracks as they could into their 45 minute set. Playing to the ladies in the front row, Robin borrowed a feather boa for 'More Effeminate Than You', before unleashing 'Candy Flip' and 'Time Travel Tonite'.

I got the feeling that like myself, the Underworld crowd were newcomers to the Robin Black experience, but true to his word, we were won over. 'Some Of You Boys' and 'Suburban Sci-Fi' followed, with the guys giving their all to every tune, you could tell they were having a ball. The set closed with 'So Sick Of You' (one of my favourites), and 'Screwed It Up', and then they were gone. 45 minutes of kick-ass rock n' roll, and I loved it!!!

Having been sufficiently 'warmed-up', I awaited the arrival of the Hollywood legends. I'd missed Pretty Boy Floyd on their previous jaunts to the UK, and was eagerly anticipating my teenage idols.

The Leather Boyz took to the stage, opening with 'Your Mama Won't Know'. This is what the crowd were here to see. After several line-up changes, with only Steve 'Sex' Summers remaining, you could tell he is still loving every minute of it.

Steve showed his appreciation to the loyal fans, recognising that it's been 15-odd years since we had a full studio album from the band. He announced that the current line-up will be the final incarnation, and the long-anticipated studio album will be out in the summer.

More of the classics followed before they slowed things down with 'I Wanna Be With You'. Unfortunately, new material was pretty much absent, which became even more evident, as the pauses between songs gave the impression the band were having trouble making the material fill the 90 minute slot.

One or two technical problems with Steve's mic, cued up an audience sing-a-long for 'Wild Angels', before rolling out 'The Last Kiss' and 'Only The Young'. The band finished the main set with an energetic version of '48 Hours', before bassist Lesli launched himself into the fans below. Not a great move, as he'd announced earlier that he'd broke his ankle on the first night of the tour, but what the hell, they were having fun.

Robin Black came back on stage to cheerlead the crowd in the encore chant, and sure enough, Pretty Boy Floyd came back out, to give us the finale that most of us were waiting for, the only song not yet performed from the 'Leather Boyz' album. Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars, joined the boys on backing vocals for the set-closer 'Rock & Roll (Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire).

Pretty Boy Floyd satisfied their die-hard fans tonight, churning out all the classic crowd-pleasers that we've come to expect, nothing more, nothing less. I get the feeling though, that the real winners on this tour are Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars, who have made a hell of a lot of new friends. They are sticking around in the UK for a few free shows of their own, and I for one will be in attendance at the London gig on Sunday (Feb 16th). The glam scene needs some fresh new blood, and I think we might have just found it.

by Stacey Dunk (Guest Writer)
Thanx for helping me out Stacey, all the best... Spicey

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