Pretty Boy Floyd/Primadonnaz Live @ The Balcony, Philadelphia (USA) - 9th November 2003

The Primadonnaz, Philly's answer to what Rock n' Roll is all about were back in action tonight, opening for probably one of their biggest influences… Pretty Boy Floyd, and what a night this was, a glam slam extravaganza in the city of brotherly love.

Primadonnaz hit the stage, and opened with 'Models and Movie Stars' and 'She Don't Fall', which had the crowd loving every second. Afterwards, Lead Vocalist Mikey Primadonna decided to plug their new CD and so, continued with the lead track 'Black n' Blue' (the CD also includes a video for this song). 'Teenage Lover' and 'Pure' (another song off the new CD) were up next. 'Pure' sees the Primadonnaz venturing into the land of the ballad n' hey, all good bands need a ballad, and they pulled this off amazingly.

To complete their set, Primadonnaz ended with 'King of the Drag Queens'… and the more the band played, the louder the crowd got. They completely won everyone over and helped put the rock back in Philly.

I've seen Primadonnaz about 5-6 times this year and I can honestly say these guys have shown improvement in every aspect of their shows, from new songs to new stage moves to new clothes, n' hey… even bigger hair. They've earned my respect and everyone should give them a chance.

Speaking of respect, I have been waiting 14 years to show my respect to Pretty Boy Floyd.

When 'Leather Boys' came out back in 1989 I was blown away, they were everything I wanted in a band. Glammed to the max with the music that had balls but also had marketability.

The band have gone through many member changes through the years and have released a few more CDs along the way, but Lead Singer and the only original member 'Steve Summers' just keeps screaming along, never missing a beat.

The band opened with 'Your Momma Wont Know' and 'Rock n' Roll Outlaws'. The packed house were even more on their feet to welcome Pretty Boy to Philly, and had their hands in the air, singing along with all the classics.

The title track from that legendary debut was up next 'Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz' followed shortly afterwards by a Motley Crue cover 'Toast of the Town', which they started off with 'Looks that Kill' for a few chords to try to throw everyone off, but nope, sorry, we all knew what was coming.

PBF decided to slow everything down with just Steve and guitarist Chad playing 'Wild Angels' after which, drummer Dish and bassist Lesli rejoined them onstage (just after a crowd member bought them a round of shots) and they launched into the classic 'I Wanna Be with You', which is played quite often now on VH1 Classic's Metal Mania.

Lastly, Steve thanked Philly for coming out on a Sunday Night, for rocking out and having a good time, and ended the set with 'Set the Night on Fire'.

Well, after 14 years of waiting to see one of my all time favorite bands, they didn't disappoint 'at all' and hell, this whole night was a kick ass night of Cock Rock Shock Pop!!!

by Bay Breez

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