Patchwork Grace Live @ The Attic, Manchester (UK)

Smacked out of my face on pain killers and I'm confronted with what has to be one of the bizarrest live performances I've ever seen. Take for example, Tori Trash (vocals) acting or not? (The question HAD to be asked) stoned out of her tree; dragged and hit across the stage, altering her underwear in a very un-ladylike manner, believe me, it wasn't attractive to watch, she even had her fingers bitten at one point, but anyhow…

Patchwork Grace kicked off their seven-song set with 'Wolves'; unfortunately I spent more time watching the fucked up 'Queen Adreena' rip-off stage antics than actually taking note of what was being played. A shame because on first viewing a band should hit you full on in the face with their musical ability, NOT their acting ability.

This doesn't mean to say I thought the band couldn't hack it musically, I just found myself unable to concentrate on anything other than the theatrics. As a whole, they do exude passion and raw energy, but given the opportunity I'd turn this into a 3-piece with Joey Strange on vocals.

A band I will have to see live again, but next time perhaps I should wear blinkers.

by Spice D. Warlock

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