Oxzide/Psycho Baby Live @ JB's, Dudley (UK) - 12th July 2009

Psycho Baby opened the night in a quiet JB's on a Sunday night, which couldn't have been the most appealing prospect for this young Pop Rock band led by the wonderfully talented Sally-Anne Beighton (Lead Vocals), but they rose to a difficult occasion and put on a full energy professional show. The energy levels were off the scale as they ploughed through soon to be classic tracks like, 'Stop Hittin On Me', 'I'm Not Your Baby' and set closer 'Psycho Baby'. Sally-Anne really knows how to work her crowd and she had us all hanging on her every word and movement, she really does know how to move!!!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong Psycho Baby are not just a one woman band though, Sally-Anne is backed by the extremely talented musicians in, Rich Weaver (Guitar/Vocals), Ian Bostic (Drums) and Ian Smith (Bass Guitar). These four people are all extremely talented musicians. They work really well together as a group, and are clearly able to bounce ideas off each other and really seem to enjoy themselves up there on stage putting in great performances all round. I really do think that given the right breaks Psycho Baby could go far!!!

Now for the Headliners, Oxzide, playing one of their local venues so it came as no surprise that they seemed happy and relaxed and just ploughed through a great set. They really did own the stage, just a pity JB's was largely empty, they deserved better. Oxzide played a great mixture of original material including tracks like 'Get This Party Started', 'God's Gift', 'King Kalou' amongst others and some great covers, 'Enter Sandman', 'Whole Lotta Love' (which included a great section of Queens 'We Will Rock You' in the mid section) and later on 'Highway to Hell'.
A great band comprising of, Betty (Vocals) again a natural front woman who seems to love being up there on stage, Stevo (Lead guitar, backing vocals), Jarv (Bass) and Rob (Drums), and they really are tight, excellent songs and great performers! Infact in my humble opinion, Stevo is one of the best guitarists I've heard in years and wouldn't be out of place in any international band, hey Ozzy if you're getting tired of Zakk give Stevo a buzz, you could do a helluva lot worse!!!!!
I hope Oxzide get the breaks they are a great band, who've even learnt to keep their sense of humour when things start going wrong, like amps dying just before the encore... lol!
They got through it though, and I went home having enjoyed a great night out, being totally entertained by two great bands I had seen for the first time, but I'll definitely be seeing them live again.

Highly recommended, check em out.

by Barry Gennard

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