My Passion Live @ Mercury Flux, Preston (UK) - 20th April 2008

(photos by Jodie Caitlin)

Panic at the Disco sprung to mind on this night, because panic is what I did all the way from London.

Laurence had informed me they would be on stage around 9pm, my coach was due to land back in Preston at 8pm, but when can we ever rely on the British transport system?

So surprised I was when… the coach arrived back at 7:55pm, bloody marvellous by my reckoning. Straight to the venue I did go, to what… one hell of an annoying racket of a band that made my hangover all the worse… NO, I'm not talking about 'My Passion'.

Previously known as 'Shard', 'My Passion' hit the stage as headliners (much to their surprise), and I was pretty much thankful that they were, as a few more 'stragglers' had appeared in the venue by then. It's no wonder so many small independent venues die a death in their early years, if more people actually came out to support the scene and skip on the excuses.

But hey, enough of that… because this was a gig I can truly say, I am thankful I didn't miss! It was electrifying!

The energy flow from the entire band was like a magnetic explosion, we're talking Mike Monroe energy here, any crevice, any level; they were there! True, My Passion are half his age, but, having seen many a band in their early 20's, I can't think of any who could top the lightning bolt speed these boys move at. Seriously, you'd need at least 6 eyes to capture and take in everything that was goin on.

A 30-minute set was way too short to encapsulate the rhythmical depth, ballsed out beauty, style, charisma and charm personified by these stunningly addictive electro-punks. Of course tracks 'Booman' and 'Hot In the Dolls House' sent the young girlies at the front of the stage bouncy-wild, and who can blame them. Rachel Stamp really does seem to be a time-gone era away! This is the new generation, and they're gonna be your new favourite candy, this I guarantee!

So if you still haven't had the opportunity to catch these guys live, I recommend you do so. They're consistently on tour; as headliners and support, so you really have no excuse. Show your support to a band who really are deserving of it.

by Spice D. Warlock

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