The Mistakes - Australia

California's least wanted - The Mistakes - recently came back from their first Australian tour. Glitzine asked vocalist Staci T. Odd to write an exclusive tourdiary. Glitzine proudly presents - The Mistakes - Down Under....

I'd been anticipating this tour ever since my first trip down-under in late 96'. Webegan rehearsals for the tour in late Jan. This would not only be our first international trip, but would also be the first shows with Starrboy (a.k.a. Stacy Starr) on drums. Our journey began on March 9th with a 18 hour flight from L.A. to Melbourne. The flight wasn't too bad, they serve free drinks on international flights,but I've learned from past experience that it's not a good idea to drink alot of alcohol on a long flight (BAD hangover!). Upon arrival we rested, then made plans to meet-up with Jake (Creep E., formerly of the Voodoo Lovecats) who we brought in to play second guitar on the tour. A quick rehearsal and we were off to our first gig at The Arthouse, a cool underground punk club. The turn-out was good (thanks to Platinum P.R., who somehow managed to get our ugly faces all over the local papers!), despite the fact that fellow L.A. punks the Voodoo Glowskulls were playing a few blocks away. We had a few technical problems, but overall it was a good first show.

The following night we were in Geelong, a college/industrial town a couple of hours from Melbourne. This was probably the best show of the tour. All theopening bands were cool (Mr. Coffee, Bruiser & SmartGuy) and the club treated us well. They said that not too many touring acts come to geelong, but I don't understand why. By the 3rd song the initial shock of our image (not to many guys w/ Mohawks & lipstick in Geelong!) wore off and everyone was going nuts. We played till long after the bar had closed, then hung-out for a while afterwards talking to our new friends. One guy told me that it was the best show since Henry Rollins played there in 91! (I bet Henry would love being compared to us!) Overall it was a GREAT experience.

After a couple of hours sleep we were getting ready for our debut at the Punters Club, a popular Melbourne club. Although it was a Sunday, the crowd was good. I had some problems with my guitars but I don't think anybody noticed. I was in one of my moods where I spent alot of time screaming at the crowd. I don't know if they were listening to me but they stayed for the whole show and we got a good review in the paper so it was a suckcess! The next few days were spent resting, drinking, promoting etc.. We did an interview for a national magazine called "Recovery", a "Lunch with The Mistakes" thing that went real well. Our next show was to be our last and most important in Melbourne. Subculture is a club that draws around 1500 people every Saturday, and they usually don't have live bands. We were playing with local punk icons H-Block 101, who are great live, so I knew that we had to be tight. In attendance would be writers for both major newspapers, Radio programmers, promoters and label reps, so this would be our chance to make an impression.

The show was heavily advertised, and "Junkulture" (debut single off "Dressed For Suckcess") was getting national air-play, so we COULD"T suck! It was arough show, and although Jake and I were both sick, we pulled it off. It was so hot on stage I nearly passed out. Personally I thought that my performance was shitty, but everyone said we sounded good, and the crowd was into it, so in the end it rocked. Chris and Starrboy did a great job. The club owner loved us. The following day we were scheduled to do a live radio show/telecast from a writer from Recoverys' back yard BBQ, but it was cancelled due to rain. Instead we played an un-rehearsed acoustic set in the living room. It was cool. The Mistakes un-plugged! All-in-all it was a great tour. We laid the foundation for a return trip (hopefully in Sept), met alot of cool people, sold heaps of merchandise, and had a GREAT TIME! That's what its all about! Next up... Europe!?!

Cheers! (that's what they say in Australia)
Staci T. Odd

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