Maximum - Memory Lane

Which glamband was the best of the eighties? PRETTY BOY FLOYD? POISON? MOTLEY CRUE? HANOI ROCKS? I suppose every reader has got his own opinion and answer to that question. I do however doubt that MAXIMUM would get that many votes. Not even mine. The Fact is though that this Bostonbased fourpiece deserved some major attention and their music is still as interesting and vital as it were twelve years ago. Something most glambands from the 80’s haven’t accomplished.

MAXIMUM started out in the mid/late eighties and featured the then buddingsuperstar Jimmy Gray on vocals. Gray was only 18 year old but already had the attitude that most frontmen at the time would have sold their soul for. The Band was, according to Kelv Hellrazer – the glamguru at the time –  "… set to become the biggest news since POISON". Not that many predictions from Mr Hellrazer ever came true and MAXIMUM were no exception. Can’t blame him for getting carried away by this band’s obvious talent and potential though. MAXIMUM’s early recordings are some of the most precious pieces in my collection With typical glamriffs, melodies, catchy refrains and Jimmy Gray’s yelps and snarls, the band came across as a sleazier POISON. Songs such as "Candy Sweet", "Baby Stay", "Missing You", "Here Comes those Tears again" and Elton John’s "Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting" rose quite a few eyebrows among glamfans and earned them a major label deal.

As the band developed and progressed, the glamimage that was initially evident, got weaker and eventually was replaced by a mainstream, though good-looking, sleaze/hr outfit. They also made that dreadful decision that none of their demosongs would be recorded for their first full-length CD. The Album was never released. I’m not sure if it was recorded at all. At the beginning of the nineties glambands got dropped at the rate of 3 per second. Some of the former MAXIMUMboys formed a new RnR/honky tonk band called SUGAR DADDIES. They released two demos and then disappeared.

MAXIMUM’s contribution to rock n roll is a bunch of rare demos. The bandname may not be that appealing but if you ever come across these recordings, grab them! MAXIMUM’s music is a sample of history. It’s a trip back to the best and brightest spot of the eighties. This boppy, funny, sweet and poppy glamrock doesn’t exist anymore.