The Manics

Glitzine predicted a bright future for Mister Manic a couple of years ago. Their demotape showed a band with Faster-Pussycat-claws. They signed a deal with Delinquent Records and recorded their debutalbum "Dressed for excess" and... the story pretty much stops there, at least for now. The Album has been postponed several times during a year or so and a couple of weeks ago, the band dropped a bomb - Mister Manic is no more. Drummer Lizzy Mean, guitarist Rik Havoc and bassist Doc Nasty, have parted ways with vocalist Wayne Malice, and formed The Manics. Lizzy Mean tells Glitzine;

It came to a point that it was no longer fun, more like babysitting. Wayne camedown with what you would call "Rock Star Syndrome" and drinking was becoming one of his best and only talents. Drinking is one of our favorite things, but to him it was drink all the time and drink until you black out. So needless to say he pissed off alot of people including us, so we left.

Everyone with rockband experience, knows that too much drugs and drinking destroy any ambition and attempt. The Questions is: why now?

That is a good question. is a good question but why not ! We thought about it alot before we made the choice, the first reason was the CD. Do we stay and put it out, then break up like countless other bands have done, or do we leave now and start again. We decided after a talk with Delinquent Records, Nancy from Delinquent was actually happy to hear the news, she had took time to talk to Wayne about his problems and actually warned him that if he kept up his behavior she would postpone the CD. So upon hearing the news that we wanted out, she decided she wanted to sign the three of us to a new contract. Once we knew that the choice for us to leave was made.

The Core of Mister Manics have decided to continue as The Manics. Was it an obvious answer to this difficult situation?

That's a funny story, Nancy always called us The Manics or The Manic Kidz and actually wanted us to change the name before the CD came out. As for us continuing. We live for this we wouldn't know what else to do! The three of us have a blast together, and with this change we can get back to having fun again!

Let's face it though, Wayne Malice was a very good vocalist and those aren't easy to find. The Manics are prosperous however.

We plan on having the same style, only better. Better because we hope our new singer don't stay up all night drinking and smoking so his voice will sound good and not get on stage to drunk to remember the words ! So I think it will be better, we want someone in the same vein as Vince Neil - Michael Monroe - Taime Downe, but with the ability to have a range and scream like Sebastian Bach. Are we asking to much ? Actually we are happy to be getting the chance to record some new stuff, but some of the old songs like Tippin the Bottle, Hard to be Happy and Seek help will still be on it.

Ok, a change for the better. Mister Manic is dead, long live The Manics!

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By Andreas Persson