A Tale of Mail Massacre and Friendship Lost at the Local Bar

A Tale of Mail Massacre and Friendship Lost at the Local Bar

In the Beginning, Glitzine decided to use Hotmail's free e-mail service. Glitzine let Hotmail be a part of the revolution. The result was - glitzine@hotmail.com - a mailbox which became a symbol of the upcoming glammovement, crammed with mascara-mails and lipstick-lines. The two enjoyed a fruitful and symbiotic relationship, Hotmail seemed comfortable in high heels.

Glitzine was very understanding when Hotmail struggled. Glitzine tried to be helpful, sticking to the glamour-guns and glitter-gameplans BUT a couple of weeks ago, Hotmail crossed the line between bloodbrothers and bloodthirsty vampires.

During this year's Easter, Hotmail proved to be as reliable and faithful as Judas. The account - glitzine@hotmail.com - suddenly disappeared two weeks ago. Hotmail is blaming the easterbunny. Glitzine apologizes to everyone who tried to mail the last week and recommend all to use glitzine@btopenworld.com until Hotmail get it's shit together (which it probably never will).

The Future of the two former friends is at this point very uncertain. Glitzine has tried to contact Hotmail to clear things up, without any answers. The Neighborhood fear what will happen if the two run into each other at the local bar. Considering the amount of time Glitzine spend in bars, the clash will be inevitable. The Police are considering some sort of curfew.

In the meantime, stay at home, don't trust anyone whose name starts with an H and ends with otmail AND please write to: glitzine@btopenworld.com

By the way, Glitzine's got a brand new banner. Spread the word! Please put up the banner on your website, link it to: http://www.glitzine.net