Little Rebel

Little Rebel recently released their new CD "Full Rebel Jacket" with their new vocalist The Raeph. He and Nancy Chandler (Bass) started a band way back in 1983-84, they later formed The Bratz for which Delinquent Records was started. Bratz put out a 45 rpm single called "Lonely Hearts/The Jungle" which scored in France of all places.

1991, a year of depression. Nirvana smells like teen spirit and Pearl Jam is still alive but this also marks as the start of Cheyenne, a sleazerock band that later modified into Little Rebel. Cheyenne released a CD called "Rebel underground" which was the first I heard of the band. A good one in the vein of Faster Pussycat.

The name later changed to Little Rebel which better suits their music. "Underground", their second CD but first as Little Rebel, contained some Cheyenne material as well as some new songs. A pretty good album even though the then Taime Downe-wanna-be vocalist Jayme Taylor was as irritating as a caralarm at 3 a.m. Therefore the new vocalist, The Raeph, certainly has an opportunity to improve Little Rebel. My opinion, based on the new material that I've heard, is that Little Rebel anno 98 is a much tighter and better bunch of rebel rousers than before.

Rebellion seldom is this fun, fans of bluesy street sleaze should check out Little Rebel because they are one of very few bands that stand for what they are... rebels of rock. Irrespective of the musical climate and current trends.