L.A. Guns Reunion (Part 1)

Yeah, you remember 1987. Guns 'n Roses were conquering the world, but Guns (Tracii, that is) was nowhere to be found. In the space of one year, the former G 'n R founder had re-formed his band L.A. Guns, and lost the singer and drummer. They turned to ex-Girl vocalist Philip Lewis and W.A.S.P. pounder Steve Riley. Together with Guitarist Mick Cripps and ex-Faster Pussycat bass player Kelly Nickels, they formed the classic and best known L.A. Guns line up.

Now, 10 years after the release of that first, brilliant album they seem to have let bygones by bygones and re-formed to re-record some of their classics. Together again, but for how long? Glitzine has contacted Tracii himself to ask some of the harder questions. He has promised to answer but, presumably due to a hectic recording schecule, he has yet been able to respond. Rest assured that, when he does, Glitzine will post the answers word for word. In the meantime, here's what we DO know :

There was talk of this re-union a while ago, but Tracii and Steve were flat-outrefusingto take part, wanting to concentrate on the more recent line up with JohnnyCrypt on bass and Jizzy Pearl (ex-Love/Hate) on lead throat.

They are re-recording the material so as to avoid paying licensing fees to their former record company.

Some fans are very happy about the re-union, hoping it's permanent.Others are crying "Sell-out"

As of this moment, no "classic" line up tour plans have been announced,but remember - Tracii wasn't originally going to participate in this atall, so it's anybody's guess.

Songs to be recorded may include the following favorites : "No Mercy","Sex Action", "One More Reason", "Electric Gypsy", "Rip and Tear" and "The Ballad of Jayne" (for the third(!) time).

There is also talk of a few new songs as well as a cover of The Yardbirds "Heart Full Of Soul".

The current (as opposed to classic) line up is currently ALSO recording anew album.

There is also talk of Tracii Guns recording an album called "Appetite For Re-Construction" (does he NEVER run out of energy?) Yes, you guessed it. This album is supposed to be Tracii re-recording his old Guns 'n Roses material sans Axl Rose.

In the final analysis, hopes of a permanent "classic" line up reunion are likely ill founded. Bear in mind, everybody in the band has since moved on- Phil is a solo artist, Mick has his own band, Tracii and Steve have theirnew LAG album to contend with and Kelly...well, he's been laying low. We're not positive what he's up to, but whatever it is, it probably involves motorcycles and crashing (a very sick inside joke for longtimeL.A. Guns fans - sorry, I couldn't resist.) For the time being, think of this as a gift from God and Cleopatra Records, done solely for the love of filthy lucre (no pun intended).

Remember, L.A. Guns was a great band, but maybe that was another time andanother place. Maybe it's better if they remain a great band by not fully succumbing to reunionitis and cheapening themselves, as all too many bands have.

"You can't put your arms around a memory" -Johnny Thunders.

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By Adolf Chri$t