Pretty Boy Floyd

Guitarist and songwriter Keri Kelli is about to leave Pretty Boy Floyd in favour of Tal Bachman (a melodic popband). Kelli emerged as one of very few musicians dedicated to glamrock in the early nineties. He was the brain behind Big Bang Babies, a glamband that rose quite a few eyebrows a couple of years ago.

Big Bang Babies were Kelli, Freddie Ferrin (ex. Syanide Kick), Kit Ashley and TweetyBoyd. They released a selftitled seven song CD in 1992, it didn't sell that well but songs like "Everybody needs a Hero" and "Love Drug" made their way into every glamrockers compilationtapes (Yours truly included). "Black Market" was released two years later and it turned out to be Big Bang Babies' first and last full-length CD (it contains 3 "hidden" songs) as the Babies called it quits soon after the release. Unfortunately they didn't reach the stars they truly deserved. Tweety joined Adventures of Lily, an alternative boring band. Kit Ashley started 98 Ugly Girls and Kelli played with his project Rubber.

The Rock ´n Roll shows closed and Bubblegum Town looked more and more like a ghosttown until Kelli joined the reunited Pretty Boy Floyd in 1997. His songwriting ability was probably more than welcome as PBF were pretty dependent on outside songwriters (mainly Aeriel Stiles - Stratosphere). According to several sources, Kelli has been the most eager and hard-working soul in the 1997 line-up of Pretty Boy Floyd. His departure will probably leave holes too big to fill. He has ambition and abilities that very few can match. Everybody needs a hero!

The Replacer isn't a new kid in town, it's no other than Billy Lane. A Glamourous guitarist most known for his duties with Brooklyns finest glamband during the nineties - Penny Lane. He used thename Cristi Layne and appeared on Penny Lane's classic demo from 1992 among others. A Tape that sold a couple of thousand copies and earned them a spot in Metal Edge. Drummer Billy Gash (formerly Wicked Sin), not Layne, was the main songwriter though. The Nucleus of Penny Lane; Britt Ne´Wilde (vocals), Raci Starr (bass) and Cristi Layne left and formed another glamband - the poisonous Wild. B
illy Gash continued with Penny Lane in a more theatrical fashion without making any impact. Wild released one pretty good demotape but soon disappeared and Lane tried in vain to resurrect his former glamband.

Is PBF a ship off it's course? They've got songs of gold but doesn't seem to manage to get a grip of the situation. Maybe they should worry about tomorrow a bit (even if tonight belongs to the young). It's been a year since they reunited but not much has happened (except the dispute regarding copyright, probably not wanted publicity). Kelli will play with Pretty Boy Floyd part-time 'til Lane has learned all the songs then god knows what happens. Hopefully Billy Lane can replace Keri Kelli full-time and set the Saturday Nights on fire.

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