Josh Todd Live @ North Star Bar, Philadelphia (USA) - 23rd August 2003

'From Lit Up To Now Wasted'

Everyone remembers that song, it was all over the radio a few summers ago; you know, the cocaine song, 'I Love the Cocaine, I Love the Cocaine'. Well, the song was actually called 'Lit Up' and the man behind it was Josh Todd, with his former band Buckcherry.

At the time, Buckcherry was heralded as the next super group, the next Guns n' Roses. But after their second album bombed, the band called it a day. Josh Todd, started working with Slash and Duff from G'n'R on an early version of what has become Velvet Revolver, but Josh was given the boot, and we were all told 'he just didn't fit the band'.

All these things lead to Josh going solo and putting his own band together. A band of no names, and well; kids (his new band are in their late teens to early twenties, I think). From what I remember, Josh answered a band ad for a singer, didn't tell them who he was, jammed with them and made them his band. From the songs I have heard on his webpage, and now what I have heard and seen live, you are going to forget all about Buckcherry and remember 'Josh Todd'.

Josh hit the stage and was like a time bomb waiting to explode, and from the opening song 'blast', blast is exactly what he did. The band launched into 'Burn' and 'Straight Jacket', just three songs in and the Philly crowd were literally blown away.

Josh and band just kept going from one song to another, nothing much was said in between, they just seemed to let the music do the talking. With songs 'The Walls', 'Mind Infection' and 'Broken', Josh was dancing and jumping all over the stage, which at times, I said to myself, I wonder why Slash and Duff gave this guy the boot. 'Flowers and Cages' and 'Afraid' were up next and then it was the Cocaine song 'Lit Up'.

As the songs went on the band and the crowd got more and more excited. 'Shine', 'Circles' and lastly the song 'Wasted' (which should be the first single) really got the crowd growing louder and louder. 'Wasted' totally blew the crowd away, and the band you could tell, were enjoying playing it, as they were each and every song.

The band left the stage and it seemed to be end of the night, but a few people started screaming for one more. Next thing you know, people were stomping there feet on the floor, and hollering for more. So the band came back on, and you could tell they weren't expecting it.

As they were trying to figure out what song to play, a guy in crowd starts hollering 'Lost Idols' and that was what they launched into. Afterwards, Josh thanked the Philly crowd for really embracing their new stuff and thanked everyone for coming out. Josh and the band came out signing autographs and having their pictures taken with the crowd. I thanked him for kicking my ass and for putting on the best show I have seen this year so far.

So if Josh and the band come to a town near you check them out, and check out his website, as you can order the new CD off his site, you won't be disappointed.

by Bay Breez

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