Johnny Panic Live @ Rock In the Castle, Scarborough (UK) - 17th September 2005

A couple of lads from South London decided, eight years ago, to kick the ass of musical mediocrity and used inspiration from Sylvia Plaths 'Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams' for a name. After a few months the band was ¾ of the way there, but it took another five years for the band as we now know it to be born. It was worth the wait!

Opening the main stage at an all day festival is never an easy task, (especially when due to delays, a massive amount of people are still queuing to get on site), but undetered these boys do it with style. Striding on stage, looking as if they do it every day, Johnny Panic take their places. They kick off their set with 'Minority Of 1' and even the blind could see why they have been described as the future of the British punk scene. Somewhere in the misty no man's land between glam and punk, these guys are thrashing the nuts off guitars and giving drums the beating they deserve.

Passionate and sincere, 'Chemical Girlfriend' is a beautiful piece of instrumentation, with great arrangement and well thought out lyrics, delivered with the kind of precision that you would expect from a far more experienced band. The anthemic 'Automatic Healer' follows, the second single to be taken from their debut EP, 'The Violent Dazzling'. It's the sort of filthy sleaze that makes you feel dirty and used, but you'll love every second of it.

It's easy to see why 'You're A Fool' massacred The Von Bondies in the race for XFM's 'Single Of The Week' and why it's video has been added to the playlists of Kerrang and Scuzz. It has gorgeous vocals and fantastic melody that will catchily rock your pants off, and 'live' it most certainly does. 'Shut Up With Your Silence' is quickly followed by 'Coming Up Roses' and the most energetic opening performance I've seen in a while is, disappointingly, almost over.

'Burn Your Youth' brings this round of ass-kicking to an end and I wish they could have gone on longer. I wish I had been able to concentrate less and enjoy it more but someone had to do this review and I got the job. Seeing and hearing Johnny Panic was a pleasure that I can't wait to have again, only next time I'm not going to do the review someone else can have the job.

I just want to go along and enjoy the ride!

by Talia Kane

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