Joan Jett Live @ CIA, Cardiff (UK) - 16th November 2007

If I were a betting man, (which incidentally I'm not) I'd have placed some very long odds on any reviewer ever having the chance of seeing "Joan Jett" live in the UK again. Some 20 odd years had passed since Joan last graced a UK stage, when as is by some glam rock magic she was added to the Alice Cooper/Motorhead November UK arena tour. "Shocked", is an understatement; "frantic to get a ticket" is a more realistic description of my mindset.

So, as the months rolled past the day finally arrived and I'm with a handful of other like-minded people stage centre at Cardiff's own enormodome, at around 18:30. Fearful of missing one single note.
The next 30 odd minutes flew by, as I became a gibbering wreck, then with one deft flick of her immaculate black feather cut we were off, via (family favourite) "Bad Reputation".
The allure and coolness of Ms Jett as she struts and pouts her way through "Cherry Bomb" and "Do Ya Wanna Touch Me?", leaves the front rows shell-shocked enough to end up wildly singing along to a Gary Glitter cover without any second thought (and how right that the music should come first in this case).

After a couple of new tunes from the recently released "Sinner" album (in the shape of "AC/DC, Naked and Fetish"), it was back to "Crimson and Clover", "I Love Rock N Roll" and " I Hate Myself For Loving You" to finish us off (so to speak). And then, just like that, it was all over….

I can only think of a possible few exceptions (Waysted, Cheap Trick and Rox immediately spring to mind) where I have wanted to leave straight after seeing a support band. But you can add "Joan Jett" to the top of that list, right now.

At nearly £40 for 40 minutes of gutter punk sleaze of the finest order, this certainly wasn't cheap but it was definitely a very dirty deed.

by Johnny H.

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