The Grit/The Hyperjax/Dragstrip Junkies Live @ The Tavern, Wigan (UK) - 9th March 2007

It's always gonna be strange when confronted with reviewing two local bands, more so when you're good friends with them. It's a question of… crap gig, do you tell the truth, or play it safe and skirt around the issues; good gig, do you praise their work and have people thinking you're sucking up?

Thankfully Dragstrip Junkies, who have from the outset encountered a varied response in opinion from me, played a blinder tonight. True, it wasn't the best show I've seen them pull off; however, the pure fact that they managed to change my mind with regards a Billy Idol song (Rebel Yell) they cover speaks volumes. I never thought they did the song justice, and I wasn't afraid to tell them. In my mind you just don't fuck with the classics, but fair due to them, this was the best song of the set and if they carry on churning out the tune as they did tonight, I promise I'll stop trying to convince them to pull it from their set.

If you like low-strung raucous rock n roll, then make sure you check these guys out.

Next up were The Hyperjax, and I'm sad to admit, until tonight, I was a Hyperjax virgin! How pathetic is that! A band who have been touring the globe for 10 years; a band who are local to me, and I still hadn't seen them play live. Well… that was all about to change!

Sam (vocals) kept the punters entertained by opening the set with a little comedic banter due to their drummer going walkabout, but sure enough, it didn't take long for Bundie to re-appear and join the guys on stage, and I really didn't expect to hear what I did. My best mate got ever so excited when she was telling me how The Hyperjax blew her mind when she first saw them, but I was still a little sceptical, and I deserve to be slapped for it! She was damn well right! What an act, what a performance!

Just the sight of a double bass on stage will get me grinning like a Cheshire cat, and when played well, the old heart a racing too! They finished their set with 'Navigator' and I knew I was in for a treat. The fact Laura was beaming and bouncing round the room clapping told me so (lol). An absolute must for any rockabilly/psychobilly fan! Think Guana Batz, King Kurt, The Meteors and Demented Are Go, you'll get the idea!

Unfortunately due to the organisers starting the show late, I had to leave to catch the last train home just as The Grit went on stage. You would not believe how pissed off I was, especially having heard them soundcheck. Trust me when I say, this is a band you do not want to miss the opportunity of seeing, n' make sure you go say hey to Mister Robin Guy!

by Spice D. Warlock

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