Hollywood Teasze Live @ Farmer Phils Festival, Shrewsbury (UK) - 11th August 2007

The last time I came to this small family festival for local people, was ten years ago and for exactly the same reason, to see the Glamdolls from Toyland 'Hollywood Teasze', and here I am today doing exactly the same thing. It is the strangest, yet most beautiful setting for a festival anywhere in the UK, set deep in the Shropshire hills with 1500 or so people of all ages and their dogs (no joke) in attendance.

Hollywood Teasze were second headliners and hit the stage to an extremely warm reception from a crowd who knew what to expect, a good time, energetic, in your face rock n roll show. The guys opened with mega catchy "Why do girls" but into the second verse, bass wielding front man and vocalist Chris Lakriz stopped the song. At first, most of us, including Drummer Andy Hill and guitarist M.A.T.Z.E wondered what the hell was up. Turning round I realised someone was in trouble, one of the youngsters in front of the stage had collapsed and Chris had seen that it looked bad and halted proceedings.

As the paramedics arrived Hollywood Teasze (as a band) decided it would be inappropriate to carry on with a show full of songs about partying and having a good time whilst a fan was being given medical treatment, this decision was broadly accepted amongst the large crowd who applauded the decision. At this point host "Farmer Phil" took to the mic and announced that as soon as the youngster had been looked after and the Ambulance had left the show would go on.

After about a ½ hour delay the Teasze took to the stage again to a rapturous applause and dedicated the first song "Lovedoll" to the fallen fan. It became very obvious at this point just how professional and tight this band really are. Next up was "Big Red Tie", "Kill 4 Fun", "Cheerio" and "Buyologie", all taken from their second CD "No Flakes" and all played with that huge, and for lack of a better word, bouncy attitude you'd expect from this colourful trio. By the time they dropped into "You Wont See Me Cry" from the must have CD "Glamdolls In Toyland" the non dancers in the crowd were up and dancing, and who could blame them with all that energy being thrown from the stage.

"4 My Parents" and "All Over Now" kept pushing the crowd to party all the more. Then… the Teasze boys let loose the greatest tune a band of this type could ever cover, their version of Shampoos "Girl power". Chris set about prompting the crowd in some audience participation, which went down a storm. "A Little Goin Crazy" turned out to be their last song as proceedings had overrun due to earlier circumstances, so the band had to call it a night.

Some excellent songs like "You & Me", "I Don't Wanna Be Alone", "RnR Pretty Bad Boys", "All Because of You" and "L.A.Diddy" were omitted, so when the guys apologised for a shortened set, up stepped good old Farmer Phil to ask the crowd if they wanted them back next year, of course the answer was gonna be a resounding YES.

Talking to an obviously pumped up band afterwards they did let me know a few little titbits about some new tunes being written, maybe a reworked, reproduced and enhanced "Glamdolls In Toyland " and definitely some more dates around the larger cities in the not too distant future. This is a band that has picked itself up; shook itself down and put itself firmly back on the Glam map. If you have never seen this band live then no matter what you expect from them I promise they will surpass it. This band are at the top end of the Richter scale. If they can take a field full of Farmers, families and cowshit and shake them up to that level, they can take on a room full of critics, musos and metal heads and have them walking out in skirts, makeup and converse.

I went thinking that they would be good. I'm almost embarrassed for not putting my expectations higher.

by Glammy Dave

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