A Heavy Metal Salute To Heavy Metal Band Name Origins Book Review

Hmm interesting… I've read this book in ebook form and found it to be quite interesting and well written. It has over 500 bands in it from every genre of heavy metal/hard rock, they are all listed alphabetically and easy to find.

Written by Blair Gibson, a 32 year old writer/heavy metal music fan from a cold little place called Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. "The book is straight forward: I contacted all these bands personally through my e-mail and Myspace. All the answers given are direct from the band members themselves. There are going to be tons and tons of bands you've heard of, and even some you haven't heard of, yet! "

The format is kept quite basic and functional, but the information is great. It's easy to use with everything being alphabetized and is quite an interesting reference point.
Not something to cuddle up with on a late night but quite enjoyable and entertaining if you just want to know how 3 Inches of Blood or Shake City got their name.

by Barry Gennard

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