Hanoi Rocks/Soho Dolls Live @ Academy 3, Manchester (UK) - 29th February 2008

Support for this gig came in the form of Soho Dolls, a band that is intriguing to look at and even more so to listen to. With smooth female vocals and a thumping double bass to boast, a lot can be expected from this band.

Somewhat like musical chameleons, they sounded like Fifties rockabilly throwbacks one minute and then up to date electro/indie the next. They won the audience over quite quickly, with many of the crowd members clapping in time and singing along to the catchier and more memorable songs.

And then Hanoi Rocks exploded onto the stage. Mike Monroe dazzled the audience, literally, with his glittering outfit, and musically, with his fantastic vocals and energy. For a guy who's pushing 46, he's in one hell of a shape and still sounds as great as he did in the eighties.

Their playing was tight and energetic, the sold out room filled with large hair and even larger voices singing along. As Mike fired out notes from his saxophone and dedicated "Malibu Beach" to the dearly missed Razzle, the fans really began to get excited. Andy McCoy is still unbelievably great with a guitar, and treated the audience to a few blistering solos.

The set was varied, with a fair few of the songs coming from 2007's "Street Poetry". "Fashion" got fans dancing and singing their hearts out whilst classics such as "Back To Mystery City" and "Tragedy" got massive applause and electrifying excitement amongst the audience.

Finishing on "Up Around The Bend", Hanoi Rocks did not need to remind fans that they are still on blistering form and can promise one hell of a live show. As the crowd chanted the band's name and screamed for more, it was easy to see why this band are still as loved and adored as ever.

by Kat Ball

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